Converting Lume 4V stereo pic to SBS for use on other devices?

I’m looking for a way to convert 4V stereo pics taken with Lume Pad back to SBS (or MPO or anaglyph) for use on other devices like Oculus, 3D tv, Freevi, etc? I see hint with SPM but no path forward. Thank you.

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Hey @Gtaylor441,

Currently you can use 3rd party tools like StereoPhoto Maker or H4VApp to do this, but long-term we’re exploring the possibility of bringing pro features like this to Lightfield Studio.



Thank you Nima. Since I’m a Windows and SPM person, I looked at that approach with first exploratory attempts failing. While I won’t give up, I’ll be watching for solution perhaps easier to follow. There are a lot of NSA sbs, Fuji W1/W3 people who may be interested. For me, I’d like to share images with Oculus VR as well.

Which app do you use in Oculus? Just a personal curiosity as owner of Oculus Quest 2.

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I have Rift, Go, Quest, and Quest 2, using Whirligig, and Pigasus for MPO/SBS.


I too would like to get this working. SPM fails to load any Lume Pad photo as demonstrated in the video link. I get “cannot open image” error every time. It does work with an image that had been exported from SPM with an embedded depth map (Facebook 3D photo).

Am I missing something? Has anyone else had any success yet?

Which Version of Stereophoto Maker did You use, and did You try a Picture from the Hydrogen one or from the Lume Pad?

SPM Pro 64 bit ver 6.15

It was directly from the Lume Pad. I tried copying to my local drive and also tried to load directly from the DCIM folder on the tablet.

I used SPM 6.15 and Lume Pad jpg. But if you are asking if I could follow that several step process demonstrated in that youtube video (half not in English)…it could be my problem.

For me the video is fine. You can kind of figure it out based on the buttons and menu locations. For me it was the first step of loading a jpg with a depth map. It just wouldn’t load. I’ve tried it on images taken by the camera as well as examples on the tablet.

I`m assuming that the Lume Pad is based on the H1 technology? So an image captured by the camera is in 4V? I’m new to this technology so please correct me if I’m wrong.

I tried it out with both 6.10 and 6.15 Version of Stereophoto Maker, it works fine with the Pictures shot with the RED Hydrogen but does not work with the Pictures from the Lume Pad. I guess there is some different Stucture of the Meta-Data @Nima ?

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@Johannes_Hainer Thanks for this info, I’ll reach out to Masuji-san and see if he’d be willing to do an update.


No Problem, and Happy Easter to everyone.


How to get a stereo pair from a shot with Lume Pad without SPM but any other app ?
I can get a stereo pair from my Samsung S9+ using the depth map with StereoPhoto Maker
(Carte de profondeur, essais)
When I shot a still image with Lume Pad I may export it as gif, and I could use the gif export, choose and select 2 of sixty sights ! is there a shorter, direct, method ?
I can export on my PC the native file of Lume Pad, I think there is a depth map in it, but StereoPhoto Maker don’t read it. SO,Is there any other app to read these depth map and export as a single jpeg ?
(sorry for my bad US-english, Ich bin ein Franzose !)

@Lagarde Currently we’re only supporting capturing with Leia Image Format in the Lume Pad ecosystem for photos, you can shoot videos in SBS however.

We’re working with Masuji-San to see if he’ll bring Leia Image Format to SBS export to SPM for Lume Pad images (currently works with Hydrogen images).