3D Photo Editing Nightmare

I go out for the day and take my LumePad and shoot 3D photos with LeiaCam. I take many 3D photos (typically 30 or more). Now when I return, I want to edit these photos. I have, like most 3D photographers, access to SterePhoto Maker and Photoshop. My nightmare is getting the many 3D photos into my editing software. What can I do?

Why doesn’t Leia make a simple utility to multi-convert LIF images to full resolution SBS jpg?


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There’s already an option to export any image as SBS but must be done manually for each individual image in LeiaPlayer.

My recommendation would be asking Masuji Suto to add support for Lume Pad 2 LIF images to StereoPhoto Maker as he’s done in the past for RED Hydrogen and the original Lume Pad.

Would Leia be willing to release the internal details of the LIF format to Masuji Suto, or anyone else, for the purpose of reading the files? (Note that his support for the original Lume Pad consisted only of RENAMING files, not reading the LIF format.)

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Yes, but it’s a very simple format for most intents and purposes. For example, photopea.com can decode the images and disparity maps in LIF files even without explicit support for the format. It’s quite similar to Google VR180 photo format and MPO.

The only reason we haven’t released it publicly is that then sets an expectation that we have to be backwards compatible and support other people’s apps. Right now we’re backwards compatible with our own apps but don’t test 3rd party tools.

You replied “yes”. How can I get the internal details of the LIF format from Leia?

Also I don’t think you addressed the initial question above. The LeiaCam app takes good 3D images. Yet they can’t be edited. Or exported, except individually. I can guess that you don’t want LeiaCam images to be viewable in 3D except on a Lume Pad. This is a classic missed opportunity.

Yes, we’re willing to share details on it. We need to discuss how best to do so. The fact is, it’s not a very complicated format. Anyone who can make use of more details from us could have easily figured out how it worked with very minimal effort. It’s based on Google’s open VR180 photo format.

I don’t understand, we have supported SBS export since day one. This feature exists solely so images from Lume Pad devices can be viewed on 3D TVs, 3D monitors, and XR headsets.

But only one image at a time, is this not correct?
Please tell me there is a way to do a SBS export for multiple LIF images that I am missing.

There seems to be some confusion here Ken. I respond to your question and then you say something completely different in relation to my response. I think your questions have been answered at this point.

I am trying to provide feedback and find a solution or resolution to my issue.

Your response is to look to a third party for a solution or work around. That third party needs information that “is easy to figure out” and “minimal effort”. I know Leia has that information and I think Leia could provide a quick and elegant way to do it. You guys are smart. I think this would take “minimal effort” and be a significant benefit to the Leia community.

It seems a solution for you has just arrived! Good luck.


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The Python script is not an easy solution to those of us not familiar with coding.
What we really want is to be able to see all the photos on the Lume Pad 2, be able to check a box next to each one, and have a single button that exports to SBS all the photos that have been selected.

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Agreed. I too have the need to covert multiple files to SBS for use in other applications and viewing methods (projection).

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You could easily create a proper UI for that script with ChatGPT so it would be as convenient as any other Windows app. Select a source folder, click CONVERT, done.
And yes I agree, to have multi-conversion build right into Leiacam would be very much appreciated.

I’m not seeing an “export” option, only the “share” which means through the ether (usually to my email). Is there an actual export? and can I put SbS images on the microSD?

No, currently you must send your export to an app or service. There’s no local exporting support.

Thanks for the answer… certainly seems like that could be easily remedied. Makes using the camera much more difficult (just shot a wedding with it).

Based on the Python script I wrote a Perl One Liner to split a LIF picture into its left and right part, place it in a bash function together with an ImageMagick montage. Now I can do

lif2sps *

and all xxx.jpg will be converted to xxx_2x1.jpg. - After transfering to a windows system I can use SPM for further manipulations. Of course - you have to use some tools. But I think with a little help from some windows tools you can do it in windows too.