Newbie export question

Just got the Lume Pad and want to export lightfield files from the Pad to my computer as sbs files. When I drag and drop, all that I see is a 2d image. What am I doing wrong? Also, I enjoy uploading old 2d photos and viewing them as 3d lightfield files. I would like to export these files back to my computer in a 3d (sbs, mpo) format. Any tips?

Hey @John! By default, all content captured or edited on Lume Pad becomes something called LIF (aka Leia Image Format) which is a type of JPEG with the 3D Lightfield metadata embedded into it.

Some applications on PC can read the extra metadata (try opening LIF files in!) but in most places it will be treated as a normal 2D image. We designed LIF this way for maximum compatibility: 3D Lightfield on devices that support it, and full 2D compatibility for devices that don’t.

However, it’s easy to convert LIF images to SBS right on Lume Pad!

  1. Make sure your LeiaPlayer app is updated
  2. Go to the image in LeiaPlayer
  3. Use the Share button
  4. Select SBS
  5. Share the image to your service of choice

eg. Find the images you want to see on your computer inside of LeiaPlayer and share them as SBS images directly to your PC using email!


Thank you. I am making some progress.3d photos taken with the Pad shared as sbs. On the other hand, 2d photos that were converted to 3d lightfield do not have an sbs share option. Is there any way to share an sbs of a converted 2d file?

@John That’s not supported in LeiaPlayer yet.

Instead, you can go to the website on either your Lume Pad or on your computer and upload the converted LIF file (or upload the original 2D image). The LeiaPix Converter site will let you export to SBS from there.