LumePad LeiaCam export images as SBS?

I noticed when I export an video from LeiaCam to Google drive it exports in a SBS format which is great. I’m curious if there’s a way to export Images taken with LeiaCam in a similar way, for viewing on other displays like VR headsets. Thanks.

If anyone knows of a way to do that from LeiaPlayer or another android app that’d be great

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That reminds me that there’s a new feature I want to request: When you share a 4V image, the system offers you to share as 2d, as video or as animation, but not as 3D!!
There a lot of communities I always want to share a 3D or 4V image and when I try to share directly then I remember again that I can’t, If image is 3D I have to go to upload manually the file from the App itself. The thing is worse when you share to another device. And even worse, if the image is 4V there’s no more or less direct way to do.

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i emailed support and they said theyre working on adding this as a feature, and pointed me to H4VApp in the meantime:

the developer of that app says he needs to upload a new version this week that will fix the free trial mechanism

im in talks with him about potentially porting the utility to windows and maybe android

it could use a simple gui too. right now its just a commandline tool. but it works great in the meantime


I think the Video and Animation tabs should be on the same tab (with a format selector so you can choose: mp4 or gif), and the 3D on it’s own tab for 3D (with a selector of format: Half or Full SBS)

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Hopefully we’ll have a great solution for this in the next version of LeiaPlayer :slight_smile:


Why I can’t share 4V screenshots as animation? The option is not given, it directly ask for destination

@Kano3D Not all file formats are supported for Lightfield Animations. Screenshots on Lume Pad are a 4-view LIF image, meaning it’s equivalent to a Quad Lightfield image. Quad Lightfield images and 4-view LIF images aren’t supported by Lightfield Animations at the moment.


Curious, I assumed that 2x2 images were easier for the software to export as animation than 2x1, because they need less calculations of views.

It’s the opposite actually, it requires the software to process twice as many views (four instead of two) and the relationship between them to get a good estimate.

We’ve been considering supporting it, but if we did we may do it by simply choosing two of the four views and treating it like an SBS, which for some content may not be ideal.

Either way it’s on our radar for a future version.


maybe will be more efficient using that extra views to help to the calculations (improve results by comparing various possible results with extra views) instead having to add more data to the calculations. That will result on shorter calculations and better results.

Hey David, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Using the extra views to help the calculations adds more data to the calculations, unfortunately. It could lead to better results, but it also requires a retooling of the algorithm and will take longer to process the information. The algorithm will still ultimately have to look at four images instead of two.

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You didn’t understand me.
Instead of using the extra views to calculate movement, still use the same calculations as 2 views, but then compare partial results of calculations (instead of make all the calculations to the end) with the extra views to slightly correct result. Depending on how is your algorithm, maybe with that corrections you already get a better image and won’t need to do the rest of pending calculations

as for the main topic, I found this is pretty easy to do using the MultiviewImageDecoder Android sdk library. pretty trivial to export the albedo maps as a _2x1.jpg

i’ll put together a little apk to do that soon.

here’s the proof of concept: