LeiaPlayer vs LeiaPix

I have added a couple of my stereo SBS jpg photos to the pad. They have substantial depth in LeiaPlayer ST mode but less in LeiaPix, almost what they look like in 4V. Does LeiaPix only share/show 4V?

Are there instructions somewhere for the apps? They mostly appear self-explanatory but I’m sure there are features and tricks I’m overlooking as this is my first non-iOS device.

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LeiaPix is a fully-featured network for 3D content supports SBS 3D, Quad 4V, and Leia Lightfield images. If you’re having issues, send an inquiry to help@leiainc.com

Here is more information on the other Lume Pad applications:

More explainer content is coming but the forum/website is a good place to start! =)


Hey @msellers,

While LeiaPix supports upload of a variety of formats including SBS, currently content can only be viewed in 4V. The original is still saved in the LeiaPix server though.

However, we are adding ST view options for SBS images in a future update. Just hold tight for a bit, and till then enjoy ST viewing in LeiaPlayer.