"3D Depth" different in different Leia app contexts

I am seeing one depth in Leia viewer, another when editing in that app, another when publishing in leiapix. For SBS content, it looks like depth is pushed considerably times and not as shot or imported.

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Hey Chris, do you mean LeiaPlayer? LeiaViewer doesn’t support images, only 3D models.

Can you attach an example so our team can test for the inconsistency?

I have a repro, my latest image on LeiaPix, the 3d window was set to the back of the man standing on stage, and now, when uploaded to LeiaPix from LeiaPlayer, it’s totally different --leading to lots of ghosting. Is there a website for leiapix where i could link to this item?

So LeiaPix has a website, but when logging in, it’s not a social network, but a front end to an Image2Depth-like process. I guess you only access the community through LumePad?

@ChrisEvans3D You can share from within LeiaPix on your post, and it will create a DeepLink which can be previewed in the web on any device, and link within LeiaPix on a device with LeiaPix installed.

Yeah, I’m having the same issue. I deleted the pic from LeiaPix cause it was causing vision problems. But you can download the original photo here and test it on your end.