Having an issue with updated LeiaCam and LeiaPlayer!

Hi Everyone!

Just tried testing the newly updated LeiaCam and LeiaPlayer app and would like to identify the following issue …

Previous to this update, meaning… in the previous version of the LeiaCam app on Lumepad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D … when taking a 3d photo … I would do the following:

LeiaCam App - PREVIOUS version (Lume Pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D)

  1. Select the scene or object l wished to photograph.

  2. Move the slider switch on bottom right side of screen to either select A (Automatic) focus or M (Manual focus - if choosing manual l would then tap on the screen where l wanted the focus of the object)

l also had the option to display the depth map (or not) in the top left corner.

  1. Take the shot

  2. Go to LeiaPlayer to call up my camera roll, pull up the photo l have taken and further edit the photo if l wished where BOTH the FOCUS and DEPTH sliders were available allowing additional FOCUS and DEPTH editing on the same screen. This was absolutely brilliant and l LOVED it and used it for almost every photo l have taken.

LeiaCam App - UPDATED version (Lume Pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D)

I now see that the updated app has two previewing modes: 2D and 3D when taking a photo.

I was expecting 2D mode to be identical to the previous Leiacam app but it’s not, namely;

In 2D preview mode

  • the depth map display is no longer an option where you can choose to display or not… It is fixed in the top left corner of screen (this isn’t an issue for me)

  • there is no option (switch/button) to choose automatic or manual focus so I understand that the screen is in Auto focus mode (by default) unless you manually tap on the screen to set your focus manually? (Again, not an issue)

  • now … when taking a photo when in 2D preview mode … then when pulling up the photo in LeiaPlayer (camera roll) to edit (if l want to better the image), now ONLY the focus slider is available and no longer the DEPTH slider!! It seems you are now forced to accept the depth at which the photo was originally taken by default in the 2d preview mode, without the ability to add more depth!!! PLEASE BRING THE DEPTH SLIDER BACK alongside the focus slider in LeiaPlayer!!!

In 3D preview mode

  • No depth map display at all available in top left corner although it is fixed on display in 2d preview mode (no issue … But l see you no longer provide the option of toggling it on/off in settings).

Now if l choose to take my photo whilst in this 3d preview mode, l notice the following

  • No option to select Auto Focus or Manual Focus at all whilst in 3D preview mode. (but it is available in 2D preview mode!) Auto focus only.

  • I am able to select Auto Depth or Manual Depth (if selecting manual depth, the slider allows me to increase or decrease depth BUT if l alter the depth manually, l don’t have a Focus slider available to me also on this same screen so l can guage the image properly before hitting capture button!!

  • If l call up the photo in LeiaPlayer, again unlike previously where the focus and depth sliders were BOTH provided, now only the focus slider is there and no ability to further adjust depth!!

This new updated LeiaCam plus Leiaplayer has left me unable to edit my photos (both focus and depth in one place (i.e. in LeiaPlayer Edit function!!!) and l almost feel like going back to my Lume Pad 1 to take my photos simply because of both the depth and focus slider editing available on the same screen to edit photos l wish to further enhance the 3d depth of, which is almost always.

Perhaps l am missing something but l hope my issue above makes sense!!

Basically what l am saying is bring back the depth and focus sliders TOGETHER as you had it in LeiaPlayer editing function just before this update if at all possible … and if not, am l able to load the previous LeiaCam AND Leiaplayer version on the side as it worked fantastically for me and just perfection!

Thankyou … If someone can help me out with this, l would appreciate it.


Hi Cleo

First thank you for being an active member of our program, I see you very active on LeiaPix !

Regarding the depth slider, we dropped it a long time ago (pre Lume Pad 2) for stereo pictures. Stereo pictures have a unique composition where depth, lights, occlusions etc are perfectly rendered and trying to artificially modify that composition by rendering novel views invariably introduces artifacts. The only reason we had a depth slider in old Hydrogen and LP1 devices is because the depth budget there was very limited due to the 4V tech. With tracked stereo tech now available on LP2 the depth budget has increased.

Further to this, the need to “edit” the 3D pictures stems from the fact that we previously did not have a good 3d preview, the resulting capture always looked looked different at time of playback from time of capture.

Here is what we do now:

  • we default LeiaCam to 3D preview
  • there we have a mechanism to ensure that the lens focus matches the 3D focus, ALWAYS. This massively improves the 3D effect especially for close up shots, where you get natural, physically correct 3D bokeh !
  • Leiacam default to autofocus (always syncing lens focus and 3D focus) but you can manually focus instead (try it it’s fun !). I recommend you master the art of manual focus to take the perfect shot if you are a purist.
  • When you take the picture, we now save the 3D focus level in the picture as part of the metadata. Again it matches the (2D) focus / blur of the lens.
  • when you open the picture in player, the player uses the saved 3d focus info to automatically set the right composition of the 3d picture. I don’t expect you to have to edit the picture ever, any default in composition you would have “seen” at time of capture. This will save you a lot of time.
  • you can still edit the picture to modify the 3D focus level, but be aware this will then be off sync with lens blur, not recommended.
  • for 2D 3D converted pitcutures, there we have no stereo to start with, just a depth map, so view synthesis is unavoidable - the amount of “depth” in the picture becomes arbitrary and we provide a slider in the editor to change it, along with focus.

I hope this clarifies, please try the new work flow and post your comments, looking forward to continuing this conversation !


Great updates, work well on the Nubia Pad 3D.
Thanks for all the hard work.
Please in the future in Leiaplayer can we have a few more edit functions like contrast, brightness, colour, ect.
All the best Roger

Yes those edits are coming back soon !


Thank you for your response that’s grest news, sorry if I seem ungrateful after all the hard work.
I have been trying out all the new features and it all looks great.
I like the camera changes, very nice.
Every thing is greatly improved.
Great work, many thanks

Roger thank you and we always value the feedback from our community keep posting !


Hi David!!

Heartfelt THANKYOU for your response!! I appreciate it so very much!

Your detailed explanation and the reasoning behind the various functions within the app absolutely clarifies some of the concerns l had and l now understand how my old ‘workflow’’ is very much improved with the new updates. I took some images this morning and now with a greater understanding and some further 3D photos to view, l can see it works absolutely brilliantly!

Thankyou again so much for taking the time to explain all this, especially for ‘beginners’ like me.
I absolutely LOVE my Lume Pad 2 (Nubia Pad 3D) and my original Lume Pad 1 … they are amazing and bring me so much joy (l can’t even begin to describe it!) and everyone who sees the 3D images the device creates are just blown away by it. I cannot thank you and the team at Leia enough for providing us all with the most amazing way to view the world through a sensational 3D perspective. It is beyond phenomenal!

Thankyou also for all the dedication and hard work to continuously bring us these improvements both in terms of the device and the entire supporting ecosystem … it is so, so appreciated !

Now David, whilst I have you on the line, so to speak … any chances of a POCKET SIZED 3D capture device coming through the pipeline in the future??? … phone or 3d camera??? :smiley: LOL … just asking!

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You are very welcome @Cleo and keep feeding us with your positive energy !

A pocket size 3D device is also my personal favorite so you can make sure if the opportunity arises we will seize it :wink:


Yes a small 3D device would be great

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One more thing I would like to see is a 3D focus slider on LeiaPix it would be nice when viewing content