Focus and Depth Adjustment

I am using the Nubia pad 3D and also have the original Lume Pad.

My question here relates solely to the Nubia Pad 3D/ Lume Pad 2.

When l take a 3D photo using LeiaCam and then view the photo in LeiaPlayer with an intention to edit it for example … LeiaPlayer’s photo editing option only allows for editing FOCUS with no option to edit the depth. (So just the focus slider is there and not the additional depth slider).

HOWEVER , if l use Leiaplayer’s 2dto3d conversion option to generate a 3D image and attempt to further edit the photo, both the focus and depth slider editing tools are then available.

Can l ask if the depth slider tool will be added to the photo editing function of LeiaPlayer for photos taken in 3D using the LeiaCam … as these 3D photos (taken by LeiaCam) only currently allow me to adjust only focus and not depth!

Thanks in advance.

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No, as it requires up to use AI to synthesize new information in the image to increase the depth. On the original Lume Pad, everything was Lightfield, so we were synthesizing new pixels for every image anyway to go from 2-view to 4-view.

For Lume Pad 2, we’re focused on everything being true stereoscopic 3D. Do we don’t alter native 3D images. However with AI conversion, the views are “made up” anyway, so adjusting the output is an option.

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Thanks Nima, l understand now! Very much appreciate your reply and explanation. Thanks so much, again!