Future Leia Player Update Question

I was wondering if either or both of the below features are under consideration or development for a future update:

  1. Depth slider for videos converted to 3D locally in Leia Player

  2. 3D focus/convergence adjustment for videos

These come to mind every time I watch videos using Leia Player and would be really great to have. Regarding number one, the default level of depth generated is just below the level of what feels immersive enough to convert and watch videos this way, so I don’t. If it were adjustable, I would spend a lot of time watching videos this way.

For point number 2, it has been dissapointing to not be able to adjust convergence in videos taken on the Lume Pad 2 that didnt turn out as expected, and videos brought over taken on the iPhone 15 Pro etc.

Love the 3D app ecosystem so far and I am excited to see it become even more complete over time. Any other updates or hints of future features for Leia Player or other apps would be great to hear too!