Depth on the fly.

I agree Leiatube conversion seems/is better than Leiaplayer. Would it be possible to add a slider to adjust depth like Leiatube? Love the device btw and hope this the future of displays

Hey @Neo, LeiaPlayer DOES have a depth slider. It appears for SBS videos viewed in Lightfield View Mode. It does not appear in Lightfield View Mode for Quad Lightfield video content. It also doesn’t appear for SBS content in Stereo View Mode because in that mode we display the content as-is and can’t adjust the depth.

If you’re not seeing the slider on the right side of the screen when you’re viewing compatible content in Lightfield View Mode, make sure you update LeiaPlayer to the newest version on your Lume Pad.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Yeah, I see that. I meant on 2d content (videos) being convert to lightfield as with LeiaTube. I can stream YouTube with on the fly conversion, even live streams, and adjust. The results there are great, however, with 2d content (videos) on LeiaPlayer, no slider or adjustment and gives a halo or ghosting effect. I think if there was a slider adjustment ( like LeiaTube) I could turn down the effect and still have a better experience with the 3d effect.

Thanks for reaching out, hope to hear from you soon.

Your feedback has been heard. As long as it’s technically feasible (and I don’t see why not) I’ll have the LeiaPlayer engineering team put the feature request in the backlog.

Attached are two images, the bottom is of Leiatube playing 2d content from youtube, the top LeiaPlayer playing 2d content with Lightfield turned on. The bottom clearly has a slider function for depth. The above no slider. Leiatube is beta version 0.2.10, LeiaPlayer version 3.3.35259. Both playing 2d video different options on screen. I hope this explains what I am trying to convey.

I totally understand, I already told our engineering team about it. To be honest, we’re not really sure why we didn’t have the slider available for 2D converted video in LeiaPlayer already, seems like an oversight on our part. You’re the first person to mention this to us!

Thanks I appreciate your communication with me. I really am impressed with the device and for a bright future with this tech.

i really appreciate that we are able to convert local 2d videos to 3d now. Big thanks to the team. adding the slider to them would be a nice feature. i can also agree the the quality when there is movement particularly side to side ive noticed is not as good as leiatubes conversion, you end up with artifacts and ghosting on the projection. it isnt very sharp or clear, dont know if i am using the right words. Would be cool if that could be addressed and had the same quality conversion as leiatube.

I was curious are the leia apps released on a cycle, like summer update, fall, etc. or just when the team behind whatever app is ready.

Hey @Neo, we usually do have update cycles when an app or product is new. For example, Lume Pad had quarterly firmware updates, LeiaPix had 2 month app updates, etc.

As products age it becomes less frequent as the team begins to work on future products. That said, we do have a software update for Lume Pad coming next week!