LeiaPlayer - Lume Pad 2 vs Lume Pad 'Classic'

just got the Lume Pad 2 (and also own 2 Lume Pad 1s, a.k.a. ‘classic’).

peronsally as a visual artist i use it basically exclusively to showcase my art in 3D, thru LeiaPlayer.

so i put the same (literally the same, identical) videos on Lumepad 2.
playing the videos in 3D my observation is that one of the main issues of Lumepad 1 has been resolved: ‘pulsating jerkyness’ (if i may call it that) on L1. meaning that some (smooth in 2D) videos appear unsteady/jerky/pulsating when in 3D. i assumed that that has to do with computing power, but on the other hand since there are less pixels to fill on L1 it shouldn’t matter that much.
now comes the question: does the LEIA PLAYER come in a different/updated version in L2 vs L1? or is it really just the computing power of L2 which smoothes out those issues.
i had noticed that on L1 the apps in the Leia appstore never got updated, so should the LEIA PLAYER on L2 be a different one than on L1: how do i update my L1.

other observations (just to put them somewhere, as i just unboxed L2):

  • does LEIA PLAYER not follow the auto rotation guidance i set up in android? (or: how do i rotate a portrait image automatically or manually?)
  • L2 is rather heavy; maybe a holder should be developed to - for example - place it on a wall in an art gallery setting.

Hey @TomasLoewy,

The version of LeiaPlayer for Lume Pad 2 is a completely different version than on the original Lume Pad.

We had to completely change our SDK and rendering due to the differences in the optics.

The resolution of Lume Pad 2 and the original is actually the same, but the optical structure and the chipset in Lume Pad 2 is about twice as powerful.

Lume Pad 2 only supports landscape orientation in 3D mode, so all 3D apps run in landscape mode by default.

We are open to working with 3rd party hardware manufacturers who are interested in making docks and stands like a picture frame dock, but we probably won’t be pursuing the development of one ourselves.

thanks for the fast reply.

is the new LeiaPlayer (LeiaViewer i assume uses the same one) used in L2 also backwards compatible to L1?

understand about landscape mode, no big deal, good to know to stop trying, :wink:

as for stands and mounting docks maybe LAMICALL would be a good partner. i use their products not only for the phone on bikes, ebikes, motorcycles, but specifically their gooseneck stand for my L1s.

No, all the apps for Lume Pad 2 have completely different SDK code and the apps between the original Lume Pad and Lume Pad 2 are not intercompatible.


some more questions about using the latest versions of Leia Player on both L1 and L2 in the last coupld of days (and comparing them, obviously).

  • is there is a way to play 2D videos in 3D in the leia player continuosly (be it in sequential or random order) without having to trigger the 3D conversion each and every time (as seems to be the way now).

that’s very relevant for me and gallery (as in art gallery) use, but also for those of my art collectors who would buy an L2 ‘filled’ with my art, then install it on the wall, and just press play to play the full collection in 3D.
at this moment it seems only to be possible to play the videos in the original 2D format, without the on-the-fly conversion, and keep converting to 3D for every video played, which for my art loops that are 60 seconds is not a good solution.


hi nima (i now assume you know ‘everything’). could you share your thoughts on my last question about how to achieve continuous 3D play of different 2D videos on lumepad 2 without having to trigger the lightfield conversion for each one of them individually?
would be very important for an art show i am taking the Lumepad 2 to on sunday (i tested the reaction on real people at a real art show last evening - and as you imagine the response was enthusiastic).
thank you…