Fall 2023 Updates for Lume Pad 2 apps and services!

Today we’ve released multiple incredible updates for apps on Lume Pad 2 including the features users have been asking for most frequently. These include MicroSD card browsing support in LeiaPlayer, VR180/360 photo support in LeiaPlayer, pinch to zoom and double tap to fill support in LeiaPlayer, and 3D Preview support in LeiaCam!

We’ve updated LeiaPlayer, LeiaCam, LeiaViewer, and LeiaFrame. We’ve also updated some of the Lume Pad 2 services that keep the 3D experience running great.

Learn more about these updates at the links below:

LeiaPlayer 4.3 Update
LeiaCam 2.1 Update
LeiaViewer 2.1 Update
LeiaFrame 2.1 Update
Leia Services Updates


Awesome! Very much appreciated, this makes the device even more usable

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Great! One suggestion I do have is for VR and 360 videos - please add touch & drag or a recenter button. Sometimes looking downward on the LumePad then after starting a VR or 360 video when moving the tablet looking down is now center and looking straight is the ceiling. Kinda of throws you off when wanting to move around. Or maybe it’s even best to just have it always start as center being forward no matter the orientation you start the video (just like a VR headset)

Love my new Lumepad 2! One suggestion, I have quite a few 3d 360 photos and love the playback on screen - would the next update be able to include the ability to move around the 360 photo by scrolling with a finger instead of just the gyroscope? Maybe have both modes possible :smiley:

Yes! That’s the plan.

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