Lume Pad OS Update 1.3.35 is available NOW!

[UPDATED 08/13/2021]

We have some EXCITING news for everyone. We’ve already released the big news (some of which we’re talking about here) last week, but we’re giving more details here about the new update (1.3.35) NOW AVAILABLE to your Lume Pads.

Here’s the quick breakdown of what’s coming:

With LeiaTube, your Lume Pad converts everyday 2D video into something truly magical. If you’re able to share 2D streaming video, LeiaTube converts it on-the-fly into a 3D experience. All the work is done on the Lume Pad while you watch!

Enjoy some great, new features never seen before on a 3D camera:

3D High Dynamic Range (HDR) support! Take even better shots in high-contrast situations.

3D Multi-Frame Noise Reduction (MFNR)! Shoot a number of photos that stack together, eliminating noise as much as possible.

You read that right - All apps and games will be FREE! Effective with this update and through the end of 2021, every app and every game in the Leia appstore is 100% free to download and add to your account! That’s our way of thanking you all for being members of the Leia family.

With the 1.2.7 OTA, we surprised you all with that amazing 2D Immersive Wallpaper. 2D icons that seemingly float above the background. Well, another well-requested surprise awaits! Now you can customize your own Immersive background!

(In addition, the Immersive 2D Wallpaper is now the default in the home screen.)


  • Google AR Core is now supported and fully available for use on the Lume Pad!

  • LeiaSpotlight portal gives a full tour of everything the Lume Pad can do. (Intended for first time users.)

  • Added more 3D video samples in the movie folder.

  • Optimized home screen layout/UI update.

  • Various feature tweaks and performance optimizations across the LeiaApp software suite.

  • New Software OTA notification optimization.

  • Added “Never Sleep” option in screen timeout.

  • Default notification tone updated.

Stay tuned, we’re always looking to push the Lume Pad even farther. This is where you - the members of the Leia family - come in! Are there features you’d love to see in the future? Suggestions for how to make things even better for the Lume Pad? Join our forums or email us at and let us know!

-Darren from Leia


Darren, thank you & Happy Cake Day!

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Ha! Thanks, I guess we decided to celebrate my cake day with the news! :wink:


@DarrenG “Never Sleep” is something I’ve just been trying to get around for a show I’m setting up tomorrow!
Is there any workaround before the software update to prevent the screen blanking when running an app?

Sorry for being late to the Party. I hope You had a great Birthday! These are some Awesome News, and I am excited to try out the new Features! :+1:

Awesome! Can’t wait to explore, Really looking forward to the new update.


Great news for us remaining hydrogen one folks will this update apply to us? I know it’s no longer supported but just curious.

@Louis At least one aspect applies - many of the currently free games on LeiaLoft/LeiaAppStore also run on our Hydrogen Ones :wink:

I’m really loving LeiaTube! That I can watch all my regular 2D content in on-the-fly 3D is amazing.

Question: What can LeiaTube receive shares for? I’ve tried sending video streams from other services (including local files), but LeiaTube doesn’t pop up.

Ultimately, I’d like to be able to play 3D movies I’ve ripped. They are stored on my NAS and are available on my network via Plex and direct SMB. Can I somehow stream these to LeiaTube? None of my apps are offering LeiaTube as a valid choice, and I don’t think Plex even offers the necessary support.

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Hey there, Marc!

Glad to hear you’re liking LeiaTube so far! The app is still in beta and obviously works with major social sharing video sites. As for your question about sharing via NAS (Plex), the team didn’t account for that, but it’s a good thing to think about. I passed your thoughts along to the team.


I don’t think Plex specifically should be a priority (it’s probably not mainstream enough), but I would like to figure out how I can stream my own _2x2.mp4 files to the device. I now have several movies ripped and they won’t all fit onto the device.

I have a fair amount of flexibility in terms of where to store the video files. I’ve just not figured out whether it’s even possible currently and/or whether LeiaTube is an appropriate mechanism for it.

Something I have noted: as you stated several apps are now available for free in contrast to their original price, but if you try to download it still requires inserting a valid credit card


Hi Marco,

You are correct. Premium apps that are now free as part of the promo require a valid payment card on file within Leia appstore, however, your card will not be charged for downloads for as long as the promo is active which is through the end of this year. Happy downloading!



Updating to 1.3.35 now :smiley:

Beat me to posting the update, Mark! ;p

Everyone: Enjoy - and have a great weekend!


Great to See some Progress in the Camera! The Wallpaper Options are Awesome! And did I mention that Leia Stream is absolutely Great? A Big Thank You to the whole Team for this !
You are awesome!!!

And because I have heard several Times now that the Priorities are changing, will there be a Camera Update later this Year or is the Focus set completely on other developments?

Maybe a bigger Screen or Monitor?
Or the Joint Venture with Continental?

Hi there, the notification for the update popped up for me last night, but as I was heading to bed I didn’t install it. This morning when I tried to update it, the update failed, and when I tried to restart the process again it either says “my software is up to date” or “update check failed, try again later” I’m still on 1.2.7. tried restarting the LumePad but still have the same issue(s). Any suggestions? Or just stay patient?

Performed the OTA update and now my pin doesn’t function to unlock.

Did you test this OTA with two profile Android? (Work&Personal)

Regardless, I’m unsure how best to proceed. Is factory reset the only realistic option? If so, how do I go about that? Any/all suggestions welcome!



I’m still stuck on LUME_UI_1.1.4_LPD10_EU
Anytime I hit update says it failed and then it says my software is up to date. Does the EU at the end mean it’s an EU model? I am in the US, would that cause an issue?

Maybe the OTA got pulled from the Servers until the Password-Bug is fixed. I was lucky Not to have a Password set in my Device.

But don’t worry, I am pretty Sure they are already working on it.

@LeiaTeam, I Wish You all the best hunting down this Bug, I am also in Software Support and I Know what You are probably going thru at the Moment.

Best regards,