Lume Pad 2 OS Upgrade: LumeUI Version 1.0.48

The new firmware update for the Lume Pad 2 is now fully rolled out! Make sure to update your tablet by going to the Settings app → System and update → System update → Update Now.

This updates LumeUI (the custom version of the Android OS for Lume Pad 2) from the existing version 1.0.45 to the new version 1.0.48.

These are some great new features you’ll have with this version:

  • Updated preloaded media files (photos and videos)
  • Comes with the new Leia Media SDK Service built-in
  • Comes with updated versions of some Leia apps and services built-in
  • ExFAT file system format support! It allows Lume Pad 2 to read ExFAT everywhere, and comes with the MyOS File Manager which also allows reading AND writing to ExFAT drives
  • Various fixes for issues related to HDR, Face Recognition / Face Unlock, Camera Flash, etc.
  • Increased security with a new Google Security Patch
  • Better performance for various 3D tasks (will be more noticeable with future app updates)

Update your Lume Pad 2 whenever you get the chance and let us know what you think!

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What does this mean for the Nubia Pad 3D
My version is LPD-20WV1.0.0B04_EEA
I have run system update and it reports I am up to date
Will both the Lumepad 2 and the Nubia Pad 3D get the same updates or will there be different one’s

Like Roger, l too have the Nubia Pad 3D. What does this mean for us?
I have checked my system update and it indicates it is all up to date … my tablet is currently at: LPD-20WV1.0.0B04_EEA.

I have also gone to the app store and it looks as if my other Leia Apps are current.

How will those of us with the Nubia Pad 3D receive these system updates, what will be the new system updated version number and when will it roll out for us Nubia Pad Users?


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Yes I agree.
I was informed before I purchased the Nubia Pad 3D, that the Lumepad 2 and the Nubia pad 3d had the same specs and chip set, just made by different manufacturer and the software was the same.
So I was concerned that there was no update to the Nubia Pad 3D after I read the post.
Why is the Lumepad 2 getting the update and not the Nubia Pad 3D
What will happens in the future
Do they both get the same updates or do they get different one’s

Checkef to day 7/7/2023 no update.
I would like to see the new features and report on them, but cannot as the Nubia Pad 3D has not had the update.

Is it only the Lumepad 2 will get system updateds or is there the same update going to be rolled out for the Nubia Pad 3D.

Or is this to correct a problem that only the Lumepad 2 had and not the Nubia Pad 3D

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Where are the update for the Nubia? It costs more money than the Leia Pad.

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I do not know, I have asked the question waiting for an answer
The question is if the Lumepad 2 and the Nubia pad 3d are the same except for the chassis and the case, same chip set same software, same specification, why is the update only for the Lumepad 2 and not the Nubia Pad 3D.
What is the difference between them so the Lumepad 2 gets an update and the Nubia pad 3d doesn’t

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Hi @Rburley @205rallye @Cleo! Thanks for your questions. I’m confirming with our support team what this means for our NubiaPad3D users. Please hang tight as we confirm if there are specific instructions for NubiaPad3D. Will circle back today!

Happy Friday!

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Thank you for your reply

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It would seem logical to me that the Nubia Pad 3D and Lumepad 2 system updateds only come from Leia then is problem would not have happened

Thanks Marlon! I purchased the Nubia Pad 3D under the understanding that it is the same as the Lume Pad 2, which was not available to those of us outside the US… hence why we had no other option than to purchase the Nubia Pad to enjoy this 3D technology we absolutely love.

I too look forward to the software updates on the Nubia Pad 3D and am eagerly awaiting an update in regards to this. Thankyou for replying!!!


Yes I was informed it was the same
as the Lumepad 2 in specification, app, software and Leia software
Why can’t the Nubia Pad 3D and Lumepad 2 have the same system vertion.
It would be logical so they are the same

Absolutely! And so glad to have you here, Cleo! We’ll be responding here as soon as we have a next step! We’re all in this together enjoying the magic of 3D!


THankyou again Marlon! I absolutely adore both the original Lume Pad and Nubia Pad 3D and am so appreciative of Leia and the entire team for bringing so much joy into my life with this outstanding technology!


Does this update fix the issue of .MPO 3D files not displaying correctly?

Hi any news, checked to day 11 July 2023 still no update.

If Zte and Leia do there own system update there will always be a problem, it should be Leia only that issue a system update so the problem does not happen again in the future.

ZTE a few months ago did a system update to the Nubia Pad 3D
But I did not hear of the Lumepad 2 getting a system update, so the Lumepad 2 would have been on the original system vertion and at that point the Nubia Pad 3D would be on a new system vertion.

The Nubia Pad 3D and Lumepad 2 system need to be the same vertion or they will not update together

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I cannot comment on the system update to the Lumepad 2 as the Nubia Pad 3D and Lumepad 2 have different system vertion.

Which is not a good idea if you want to issue a system up date to all your supported devices and as the Nubia pad 3d and Lumepad 2 are supposed to be the same.

Because the Nubia Pad 3D has not got the same system vertion as the Lumepad 2 it did not get the system update.

I have the Nubia tab 3D and there has been an up date the Leia Appstore and Leiaplayer.
My MPO files display correctly now, on the Nubia Pad 3D

Hi any news of what is happening since you reply on Friday please.

Checked today 12/7/2023 Still no update

Hey Roger,

Multiple comments won’t make us respond faster. We post updates here as soon as we get new information.

Both Marlon and I reached out to ZTE as soon as you posted about it and we’re still waiting for a response to find out how updates are being handled and what version numbering scheme they’re using.


Thank you for the update.
I very much appreciate your response.
Thank you and the team for the support and hard work

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