Nubia Pad 3D II / Lume Pad 3

“Compared to the first-generation (which I assume is the same as Leia Lume Pad 2), this tablet has achieved an 80% increase in 3D resolution and a 100% boost in 3D brightness, with the comprehensive optimization in 3D crosstalk, 3D color, and 3D power efficiency, thereby enhancing user’s 3D visual experience.” (…) “With just a simple click, various forms of 2D content, including pictures, games, videos, or streaming media, can be instantly transformed into eyewear-free 3D visuals, showcasing stunning 3D effects on the tablet.”

Why is nothing mentioned here about this next generation Tablet, which not only was officially announced by ZTE, but also shown as a finished product at MWC 2024?

Isn’t ZTE the same company or at least running ties business together with Leia?

Will there be a Lume Pad 3 with the same specs? And is this new generation of 3D tablets really such a big step? How can they reach 80% increase in 3D resolution without increasing the native display resolution?

Product page:

Press release:


Well, while we’re excited by ZTE’s new product that licenses and uses Leia technology, it’s their product and it’s up to them how to announce and communicate to their customers about it.

We are unable to provide support for non-Leia products, even if they license Leia technology. That’s up to the OEMs to do.

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OK thanks. So by your answer I assume the new release is not imminent, although ZTE gave the impression by showcasing obviously finished products at MWC 2024. They should better match up with you!

Does the new ZTE Nubia pad 3d 2 plus 5G use the same 3D layer as ZTE Nubia pad 3d, or is it a new upgrade layer produced by Leia and does the new Nubia Pad 3D 2 have the same apps as the Lumepad 2 /Nubia Pad 3D or are they new updated apps for the new Nubia Pad 3D

This explains a LOT :relieved: exciting to see where the new tech heads now it’s under Leia’s direction

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It’s an entirely new 3D display, based on the core tech from Dimenco but with Leia’s optical and manufacturing expertise. It’s the best 3D display on a mobile device ever made.

It has many of the same apps, and some new ones. Apps do have to be updated to work on the new device, but all the 1st party Leia apps have been updated, and ZTE has a whole new series of their own 1st party apps too, such as their new 3D camera app.


Why you didn’t post under my thread, because I actually asked this question like a week ago!

I was also expecting @Nima to answer but that didn’t happen.

Thanks for the reply, many thanks.
I will be getting one.

Me as well, I’ll be in. Now: are we talking about a release date in the first half - or more in the second half of this year? Or should’n we expect anything in 2024?

The current plan I’ve heard is definitely in the first half! But ultimately, that’s up to ZTE.


Will there be a 3d Chat app for ZTE Nubia Pad 2 ?

Will it be possible to install Leia 3d chat on ZTE Nubia Pad 2 ?

Will it be possible for Leia Lumepad 2 users to 3d chat with ZTE Nubia pad 2 users ?

Yes, it will be called “3D Chat”.

We have nothing to announce about LeiaChat on Nubia Pad 3D II at this time.

Yes, the LeiaChat app on Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D is intercompatible with the 3D Chat app on Nubia Pad 3D II. Calls can be made or received on either app, and they use the same communication backend.


If it’s “an entirely new 3D display, based on the core tech from Dimenco”, does it mean that it will use the same SR Technology, as Acers current SpatialLabs Monitors and Notebooks do?

Will the 3D resolution be comparable to Acers SpatialLabs monitors (whereas 3D content is displayed in half the witdh of their native 2D resolution, i.e. 1920 x 2160 pixel for UHD 3840 x 2160 screens)?

So to my understanding, with the same calculation we could expect 1280 x 1600 in 3D from the Nubia Pad 3D ll 2560 x 1600 IPS screen :star_struck:

Yes, but better.

This isn’t actually accurate despite the marketing. It’s more complex than that.

It’s 80% sharper than Lume Pad 2, the per-view resolution is more complicated and doesn’t tell the whole story.

Ok many thanks, absolutely got it, so let’s put the pixels aside. Nevertheless I think it would be extremely helpful for us all to get an idea about what this “80% sharper than Lume Pad 2” means. Attached are two samples of the same 3D object, simply flat photographed while displayed in 3D on an Acer 15 inch Spatiallabs Laptop and the Lume Pad 2 (just ignore the layer artefacts of the pictures taken this way).

Where (in terms of resolution only - I know this is not the whole 3D story!) would you classify the new Nubia Pad 3D ll?

→ between both? If yes, closer to the 15 inch Spatiallabs (left) or to the Lume Pad 2 (right)?
→ higher than the 15 inch Spatiallabs (left)?

Or to put it in another way:
→ how much “% sharper than Lume Pad 2” would you classify the 15 inch Spatiallabs image, if the Nubia Pad 3D ll is 80% sharper than Lume Pad 2?

Since such glasses less 3D Tablets like the Lume Pad 2 and now the Nubia Pad 3D ll are still a small niche (unfortunatelly), most of us won’t be able to get our eyes on a physical sample unit before buying. Thanks again for your appreciated exclusive input to us community and Leia fans here :heart_hands:

I have both the Lume Pad 2 and the Acer SpatialLabs View. Not sure what the “80% sharper” refers to, but the nubia Pad 3D II is still 1600P, while the Acer is 4K. So 4K is quite a lot more pixels, even without understanding how the 3D works.

Between both, closer to the 15.6" Acer SpatialLabs displays.

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