Lume Pad 2

Any information of when the Lume Pad 2 will be released worldwide for purchase. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Yes the Uk

@Cleo @Rburley Outside of the United States you will be able to purchase the Nubia Pad 3D (sister device to Lume Pad 2) from ZTE and their retail partners starting next month. Feel free to follow ZTE on social media or sign up for their mailing list on their website for more info as it becomes available.


Thanks for your email, please can I have some update on leiatube fix for my Lumepad

Thankyou so much Nima! Really appreciate your reply.
Just another question, will the Lume Pad 2 (not the ZTE version) be available on Amazon as well, as the original Lume Pad was? I purchased my Lume Pad on Amazon and it was able to be shipped to Melbourne without issue. I have loved it beyond words!

Thankyou again in advance.

Yes same question, thanks

Hey @Cleo and @Rburley,

As of now, we’ve only announced that we will be accepting pre-orders and orders of Lume Pad 2 through the Leia website. We may distribute through Amazon in the future, but at this time we’ve announced no other distribution plans.

Hi is there any difference between the ZTE version and leia version appart from the case

Will worldwide customers (outside U.S.) be able to purchase the Lume pad 2 via the Leia Inc. website once it becomes available next month … will you ship worldwide? … this is for those of us who may not want to opt for the ZTE branded version?

ZTE is the exclusive distributor of the device worldwide outside the United States under the Nubia branding.

Lume Pad 2 is currently only available in the United States of America.

Thanks Nima!

Hi LeiaTube is back, so good, have a great day

Hi Roger … yes fantastic! So appreciative of Nima and the Leia team for getting it back up and running. Absolutely phenomenal. Warm hello from Melbourne!

I’ve watched a few of the Youtube videos on the LumePad 2. But, unfortunately, Leia has sent review copies to people who seem to have no 3D experience - so they are great on the “Wow” & “Amazing” reactions, but less useful on technical details. I know they need the publicity of reviewers with large numbers of followers, but an in-depth technical review would help capture the 3D expert market.

So I’m not seeing any answers to a technical question I’d like answered:
The Lume Pad 1 also had resolution 2560x1600 but the 4-view method used reduced the PERCEIVED resolution down to 640x400 when viewing in 3D. Does the Lume Pad 2 suffer from any similar resolution drop when viewed in 3D? The publicity states 8-views, but with the front-stereo camera/AI tracking your eyes has Leia succeeded in having a 3D with a perceived resolution of 1280x800, or is 640x400 or another set of pixel figures?


Lume Pad (2020) actually had 16 views, 4x4 in each direction. Because of that, the per-view resolution was 640x400 as you mentioned. However, as you may have noticed, though existing stereo content and poorly designed content looked like it was in standard definition, the perceived resolution for some content was actually much higher than that. Many said it felt much closer to 720p, or even approaching half-width 1080p 3D depending on whether or not the content was designed well for the display or not.

Every autostereoscopic display in the world to date suffers a spatial resolution division when in 3D, and most even suffer from it in 2D, including the most popular ones. Lume Pad devices do not suffer from the resolution drop in 2D, but they do still have less pixels available per eye than the full panel when in 3D.

It’s complicated, because the views are diagonal instead of horizontal, so it’s not possible to give a great answer in a horizontal and vertical pixel count because standard display resolutions are expecting a rectangular view while the views on Lume Pad 2 are more like a rhombus.

The best answer I can give is that the number of pixels per view on Lume Pad 2 are exactly double what you see on the original Lume Pad, but the perceived resolution is even higher than that. It was designed for stereo 3D content from the ground up, so no 3D content looks bad on the display. At the recommended viewing distance, content looks, at worst, about 1080p per eye 3D, matching what you get from most standard 3D TVs (except without the need for glasses) and in many cases it looks much better than what the average 3D TV can achieve.


Is the ZTE vertion the same?


Yes, for all intents and purposes.

I really want to get the new one as soon as I can save enough cash. The Lumepad is so good, the Lume Pad 2 with all the new improvements and double the resultion in 3D should be amazing. Hope you are keeping to be able to switch between multiple view 3D, ST view 3D and 2D

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Due to the new tracking system and optics, we have got rid of the Lightfield view (the Leia logo on Lume Pad) and instead the switches are simply 3D and 2D now. 3D is what was referred to as ST on the original Lume Pad.

I always used ST mode greater resalution for me