Lume Pad purchase options in UK

Oh woe is me.
For I have dropped my Lume Pad on a hardwood floor and cracked the screen.

I’ll take it to a repair shop tomorrow and see if anything can be done.

But if it is beyond repair, where do I buy a new Lume Pad from in the UK?
The Leia website ‘Buy Lume Pad’ button doesn’t work (also I doubt that I qualify as a Partner for the 12.4 tablet in Q3); doesn’t seem to stock Lume Pad any more; does (for the Champagne version).

If I have to buy the US Amazon version, will I have any issues using the US (firmware?) version in the UK?

…but … woe … woe is me…


We are really sorry to hear about your Lume Pad getting dropped and the screen cracked.

While we cannot replace your Lume Pad’s screen, if you are interested in a US replacement Lume Pad, we do offer a repair/replacement fee, for major components like the screen being damaged of $199 (not including international shipping) where the customer returns their unit to Leia and Leia ships a replacement, like new opened box, unit.

If you would like me to send you a quote for this service and the address to send your damaged Lume Pad to, please let me know.

Again, we are very sorry to hear about your damaged Lume Pad.


Eric Sheets
Leia Inc. Customer Success Manager