Lume Pad Firmware Regional Differences


I’ve recently discovered and ordered a Lume Pad. It should arrive to me in the UK sometime next week. I was going to order via the Leia Inc website but instead ordered from the official Leia store on as I could then pay all the import fees and taxes upfront. I knew that US orders are fulfilled by Amazon anyway so imagined that I would get the same product whichever site I ordered from.

However, after reading various posts on this excellent forum, it seems there may be different firmware versions for different regions/countries. I’ve seen ‘EU’ and ‘ROW’ (Rest Of World?) firmware versions mentioned.

My firmware version should obviously be EU/UK as I’m in the UK but as I ordered from (the Leia store isn’t on the UK Amazon site) rather than the Leia Inc website I have a few questions…

Will I get a US firmware version?

What difference would that make?

Could I still access my local Google services?

Could I change/update my firmware region/version?

Should have I instead bought from the Leia Inc website so that I would have received the correct firmware for my region? :unamused:

Any help or information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Thank you for this question about remaining Lume Pads and their Firmware.

Currently, and while supplies last, we only have US models with US GMS Firmware installed for US fulfillment by Amazon and International fulfillment by FedEx from our online Store.

Users in other countries in the EU, UK and Japan with a US GMS Firmware Lume Pad can still use most GMS services with this US model, however certain streaming apps will not work outside the US.



@eric Thank you for your prompt reply.

Just so I’m clear: Are you saying that international customers ordering from the Leia Inc website online store are now also being supplied with US models with US GMS firmware?


This sounds rather ominous for the future of the Lume Pad! I hope it’s not being killed off already. :cry:

Many thanks,


Hi Chris:

While the EU model Lume Pads are not available, Leia is working on a variety of new products and there will be new devices for users later in 2022 and in the coming years.

That said, it’s probably wise for anyone who wants a Lume Pad to get one while they can.




Hi Eric,

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for all your help and information, it’s much appreciated.

It’s good that the future looks bright for Leia and Lightfield.

I’ve just received my Lume Pad and hope to start exploring it in a couple of days when I have more time.

Kind regards,


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