Wait is over! Lume Pad 2 Available to Order!

The reserve period is now over and Lume Pad 2 is now officially available for order with free shipping within the US! :link: www.LeiaInc.com

Lume Pad 2 will begin shipping this month and we’re thrilled to see who among this forum will be the first to share their unboxing experience with us!

Let us know when you get it and if you’re a fan of unboxing videos and photos, feel free to celebrate with us by tagging us in your post at @leiainc (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin) and @Leia_Inc on TikTok! :camera_flash:

Thank you all for being so patient and joining us on this amazing journey. For those that are outside the US, we also have a section for you to look up what other regions our partner, ZTE will be serving. Order period is now open! www.leiainc.com :rocket:

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I reserved it but how do I get $100 off


Just sent a DM your way, @eazyedd2! :dizzy:

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I have the same question. I made a reservation. Now how do we get the discount? Please share the answer with all of us.

Hi @rico3D, please reach out to my colleagues at help@leiainc.com for support on missing discount order codes. Thanks!

Who do I have to bribe to get one outside of the US? I understand I’ll be shafted with import taxes :upside_down_face:

Hey @Toploader7,

Outside the United States, the device is sold under the name Nubia Pad 3D by ZTE. Please reach out to ZTE to purchase.