2023 Availability of Lume Pad

Hello all, I’m a huge 3D fan and just learned about the amazing Lume Pad this week. I am definitely planning on buying one. I noticed a few days ago is was ‘not currently available’ on Amazon…and I couldn’t find any Lume Pads online, with the exception of 1 listing on eBay. So I sent an e-mail to Leia support asking if this product has been discontinued, or if more will be getting produced. I received a response back stating they did not know, which I found strange that the direct customer support person for Leia had no idea. And now I just noticed that the product is showing up again as available on Amazon, with an anticipated delivery time frame of mid-December (why the long delay, being it’s only early November). Does anyone have insight to the availability of the Lume Pad in 2023? Is this an officially discontinued product, with some small, last remains of inventory being provided from Leia to Amazon here at the end of the year? Or had there just been some temporary halt in production, but with thousands of more units being put back 'in queue" for new production, shipping, & purchase in 2023? Any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @TBlas,

The Lume Pad sold out completely last July.

Though there may be unforeseen situations where a few more Lume Pads become available (whether someone happens to find a few in storage, or some warranty or refurbished units become available) it should be considered that the Lume Pad is no longer for sale.

Please wait for announcements of new Leia products in 2023 :wink:


@Nima , Thanks for the quick response. I know you may be limited on what you can say regarding any upcoming new products in 2023…but I’m on the fence as to whether I should take a chance & purchase from Amazon and hope they will actually have inventory to ship from…or if I should desparately seek out a used one somewhere. Can you reveal whether there will be some sort of new 3D tablet being introduced for sale in 2023? Or would you advise “you better get your hands on the original and only Lume Pad while you still can”.

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@TBlas Great question! While it does seem like the original Lume Pad from 2020 is available right now in limited quantities on Amazon…I personally wouldn’t buy one right now :slight_smile:

With the ONLY exception being if you are a creator or developer that wants to start making 3D Lightfield content today that you want to ship on next-generation devices.

Otherwise, I’d wait and see what’s coming soon :slight_smile:


At the August 3D-con, I have my generic view of the common tablet dilemma…processor, operating system, and apps. As with PC’s it’s hard to keep up with technology, sometimes, too frequently, it’s time to update your processor… Snapdragon xx, and from Android x to y, and apps accordingly. Nobody wants to buy a Windows 8 pc for example, or produce another 50000. I’m super happy with my Lume Pad, and appreciate the various challenges on migrating all of the technology involved. I’m a believer in the underlying technology, and look forward to the next version of the Lume Pad…of course hoping they beat the serious competition to the market. So, when reviewing competitive products, check the specs for processor version, Android version, and whatever else matters to you.

Hey @Gtaylor441,

I totally understand that problem in the 3D space. For example, I want to upgrade my 3D projector after all these years to 4K HDR, but if I want to ensure 3D compatibility, my options become very limited. Same with getting a 3D headset for my PS3. Though there’s the older Sony HMZ headsets that did 720p 3D, there are many newer ones that have much higher resolution…but they don’t support HDMI 3D and thus the PS3 at all, even at lower resolutions.

At Leia, we never wanted that to be a problem. That’s why we try very hard to not only support all the content and technologies our users have created on our older products, but also to integrate all the highest-end technologies we can. I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on!