Lume Pad 2.0

Any rumors on a new hardware version for the Lume pad?
A few ideas I would like to see…
~P3 HDR display along with Lightfield format supporting it.
~What would be cool would be to explore what the hydrogen was going to do with the pins for expansion. If I could attach a module and use a modern lens or bigger 3d sensor for shooting…. That would be amazing.
~A thinner body with a wireless charging option to compensate for the smaller battery. (Or a battery module to go with the previous idea)
~SD card/SIM card option
~keep the current aspect ratio!

Software… please please give us the 3d preview for the camera and a manual mode!

Any thoughts or ideas?

I see that the Lume Pad price has been dropped to $299. What is going on with that? Is there an actual 2nd gen Lume Pad coming soon, or is Leia giving up and trying to cut their losses? Nima?

Personally, I would like to see a new hi-res stereo mode, where the lightfield is changed from 4x4 to 2x2 (or even 2x1) groupings of pixels. This would double the resolution for displaying stereo pairs and remove all the complaints from stereo photographers about the poor resolution of the 3-D display.

Niether :slight_smile:

A new camera to go with the Lume pad? That would be exciting.

One can dream! I know I do.

You may want to look at K-Lens and Qoocam EGO 3D if you’re looking for upcoming compatible cameras.

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That k-lens looks so cool. But a kickstarter with a release of next year…. Damn

Ooh, thanks for the heads up! I’m excited to see a new (flat) 3D camera on the market.

You gave us manual mode and 3d preview. Thank you!

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