Lume pad² questions

I got the Lume Pad² today. I was pretty excited I love 3D. But I don’t get it. None of my 3d apps from my original lumepad are available or even in the store… and the that are there you have to pay for…which is fine. But what about all three ones I already had?

Second I guess I don’t get why this was $1,100 vs the $300 I paid for the first one. I know it has a better processor and ram those are standard upgrades I could get with aby tablet. The 3D looks about the same. But it has face tracking now. I’ve only tried that in pictures but it doesn’t seem to work all that well. When I tilt the phone the 3d inverts (like on other glassless 3d displays) but then I think the face tracking kicks in a few seconds later then it goes back to normal… but if I keep tilting it the pic just turns to 2D. Like wasn’t that the big selling point? Or am I missing something?

The layers button in the camera to show you the depth scale and tell you if you are too far or close is kinda nice though.

Also I can’t remember with the first over but did it show 3D in portrait mode? I could be thinking of my evo3D phone. And I’m too lazy to turn on the first lume pad to see. But it seems like it did. But this new one apparently doesn’t so I’m not sure anymore. Haha.

I still have the first one. I was gonna try to sell it. But I’m not sure if the new one is going to be worth keeping. Am I missing something here?

Oh it’s not all bad the pics in lumepix did look just as awesome as they did on the video first one. Always fun to look through them.

Basically the Leia apps are available on both, but developers need to port their games to the new device for it to be compatible. You should check out all the new content on the Lume Pad 2. There should be about a dozen games available already.

The original Lume Pad was $999 at launch in 2020. Lume Pad 2 is a completely new product with specs that are better in every category, including a much better processor, RAM, cameras, and a front-facing 3D camera.

Please put the Lume Pad next to your Lume Pad 2 and compare them. The 3D on Lume Pad 2 is more than twice as sharp as Lume Pad 1. It’s so much sharper than the difference is even noticeable in 2D photos and videos of the 3D displays.

Lume Pad 2 only supports 3D content in landscape orientation.

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