1st thoughts Lume Pad 2, Issues, missing features / improvements to be implemented?

After my first day with the tablet here are some of my initial thoughts.

The good stuff which is the quality of the screen the size eye tracking when it’s tracking well, side by side comparison it’s hands down the winner versus the Lume pad 1. Screen quality is king even if features are missing at this point. As I won’t hold my breath for them to be added.

I just toggled back and forth between the Lord of the rings 3d It’s almost unwatchable on the V1 tablet.

A lot of my original pictures look so much better on the Lume pad 2. Most of them start to look like they are popping off the screen. This only occasionally happened with the V1 tablet.

There always seems to be a trade-offs. I know some may be related to the type of 3D screen being not set in quads I believe. I believe most missing features are not related to that.
Maybe game compatibility and rotation options.

No power brick? Was surprised in this I’ll scrounge up another one but for the original full price it should have been in there.

Camera mode, no touch screen manual focus.
Most of the time it’s easiest to touch the focal point of the subject on the screen. Now it’s a slider bar?

Photo viewer / editor missing options
No ST sbs
Missing edit options?
All color, brightness and contrast settings
Rotate, Cropping, flip

Issues tracking low light.
Probably needs ir light like the 3ds.
Option to set sensitivity and/or turn off eye tracking and let it stay at a static position for a sweet spot.

Export / share options
missing features for exporting/sharing vs V1
GIF, video animations

Games and rights to games from V1? Different sdk?

Leia Flix Movies from V1 license, also missing now on V1? Pacific rim as an example. I believe there was a 2nd movie i cant recall 100%.

No option to switch 3d mode (sbs) or adjust depth of movies in the native 3d mod3 vs V1.

Why are the trailers in 2d? Afraid of people leaching bandwidth watching trailers only? I’d be a little guilty of it…

Adding 3dtv would be great!
3d video/audio out for 3dtv playback. A dock like the Nintendo switch has. At minimum through the USB-C and the correct adapter similar to something I use on my Samsung note (dex)

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