The biggest flaw of the Lume Pad

So having had my Lume Pad for couple of days now, the biggest flaw for me personally that I can find with the device is the lack of head tracking in dark environments.
When watching a movie, I (and I assume many others) prefer a dark environment than a brightly lit room.
Sure you can crank the brightness up to the highest levels, to have the light from the tablet shine on your face, but that just drains the battery even faster than it already does now when watching 3d content.
So my question is, will there be (and can there even be) updates to the software / hardware to mitigate this issue ? Or are we stuck to watching 3D content in semi brightly lit rooms ?


That is a downside to eye tracking. You might want to stick with a Lume Pad 1, for watching movies in the dark, which does not have eye tracking. Or experiment with ambient light level in that room which enables eye tracking. Now that you mention it, I recall a long time ago, when eye tracking was invented and employed with fighter jet pilots. I wonder how they dealt with night missions? Have you LeiaChated yet?

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Would have been nice if the lumepad 2 could have had the old tech built in for those issues


Indeed, don’t get me wrong loving the device, but at this price point this is an issue that needs to be looked at, and if technically possible, a solution should be provided.