3D turns off in the dark

Was watching a 3D video last night so bf turned the light off in the room and the 3D turned off on the LumePad 2…I tested it a few times.

I’m guessing it has to do with the face tracking. Is there a way to disable that or update the software so if the light goes out it goes to the regular non face tracking 3D instead of just disabling the 3D all together?


It’s annoying watching videos in the dark for me as well. I’m guessing it’s the face tracking as well

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Yeah it’s a pain. Pfft.

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I second this notion.

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I have series issues with 3D in the dark or very low light illuminating behind me being the only light source like a small dimmed lamp. I keep my entertainment room dark with black out curtains and often the only light is from my OLED TV which goes completely dark during black scenes and the flickering triggers the 3D switching on and off constantly. I have done some experimenting to figure out the triggers and solutions and have noticed a few things.

I wear glasses and this seems to make the issues much worse. I have think in some low light and dark settings the camera is basically seeing a glare or maybe even reflecting off them or focusing on them instead of your eyes. Wonder if some of the coatings like anti-glare, scratch, etc could be the culprit. Curious if someone out there is willing to test that theory.

In a dark room (only illuminated from light from the tablet) the angle of your screen, brightness of the video, and distance from the screen were the 3 factors I could identify. I always use max screen brightness and all auto light adjustment settings turned off for obvious reasons.

I found slanting the screen more so the camera is looking at you at more of an angle than straight on improved performance but this might be due to my glasses and the cameras perceived glare.

If the video I’m watching is bright or regular lighting I don’t get 3D flickering until my face in 2-3 feet from the screen. A dim or low light video or scene pushes this down to 1 foot but if it’s a dim enough scene the eye tracking doesn’t even work getting inches from the camera and I have found no remedy except to turn on a small light, even a nightlight pointed directly on my face but if you place the dim light behind you it can make the situation even worse.

Since there is no flash light on the front camera I think the only solution is some kind of 3rd party adjustable light that could be Bluetoothed or plugged in and preferably snaps on somewhere but wouldn’t be invasive or in the way. It would need to be able to cast soft dim light light a nightlight so it doesn’t blind you and be easily turned on/off and adjusted without too many steps. Anyone have any suggestions for a product out there fitting this description? It would be really nice if it was part of a wireless headset maybe on the mic and could be adjustment fto get a good angle and not shine directly in your eyes.

There is just no 3d option without face tracking with the current display technology.
With a dedicated face tracking camera with infra red capabilities (like in Meta Quest or PSVR2) it would be possible to face track even in pitch black environments (using external or build in ir illumination).
Hope Leia considers something like that for Lumepad 3 :grimacing:

All you need is an infrared light. Similar to how home security cameras have night vision. The light is invisible to you and non-invasive. But it supplies what is needed for the cameras in the Lumepad to identify your features for the face tracking. You can find a dedicated IR light that should work and be in the $10-20 range.

Have you actually tested that?
In my experience the LP2‘s cameras are blind for ir light so those illumators won’t help tracking in dim lit situations.