3D view with face tracking?

Is this something possible; to be able to view 3D without facetracking? Like static 3D mode. Like other 3D devices I’ve used in past?
I turned facetrackig off and 3D shut off as well (Camera / LeiaPlayer)

No. Due to the architecture of the display, there’s no way to make 3D work without FaceTracking.

That’s sad news. A static display should be possible since the tracker sometimes glitches and keeps it static 3D (viewable by front angle only.)
Surprised it’s not an actual option.

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i agree, sometimes, in a dark room for example, it’d be nice to use without the facetracking.

I recommend turning up the brightness :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I prefer not to be blinded. :stuck_out_tongue:

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