Face tracking new version doesn't work

Just booted up my Lume Pad 2 to find that Face Tracking app had just automatically installed an update.
Now the left and right edges (about half an inch on each side) of every 3D photo do not display in 3D.
All 3D photos displayed properly before the update. It has nothing to do with the amount of lighting in the room (plenty) or the relative position to my face (correct).
What can I do to make the photos display properly?

Just checked and my one seems to be working OK, what version of face tracking are you using.
My version is 0.6.246-DSP

it screwed mine up as well, i’m on the fence to just give this thing away to sum1 that needs a tablet, functionally a paper weight now without working 3d. now i remember why i would never let my devices connect to wifi

@Hostie42 @Rburley @nitro789 Please try again, and ensure everything is fully updated. Your tablet firmware, your Leia FaceTracking app, and your affected apps (LeiaPlayer, LeiaPix, etc.).

We have confirmed that if you update the apps but NOT your Lume Pad 2’s OS/firmware, you can have these issues. We also updated the Leia FaceTracking app again and reverted some changes made, so even if you’re on an older firmware version, it should now work assuming you update your Leia FaceTracking app.

Thanks for the clarification. However, the Face Tracking app updated itself automatically. I had no idea at that time that I would then have to manually update firmware to make an automatically updated app work. And how does one update the firmware?
Why isn’t this all pre-tested before it’s released.
As it turned out, it magically resolved itself.
After the app had automatically updated itself and I was having this display problem, I tried everything to make it work for about 20 minutes before posting here. Then after I’d posted here, magically it fixed itself without any further intervention from me.
My experience so far is that the Leia software is extremely flaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes I can press buttons and nothing happens. I pick it up to take a photo, and sometimes it takes a photo, and sometimes I pick it up to take a photo and the camera app just completely freezes. It can’t be relied upon to work when I need it to work.
I am a sad customer who thinks he may have wasted a huge amount of money.

Great, I’m glad everything worked out so well.

Same as every Android device: go to Settings, go to System & Update, then tap the version and it’ll look for an update and prompt you to update if one is available.

All of our apps and firmware are of course tested before they’re released. We are unable to ensure new versions of apps work with outdated system firmware. You must make sure your device and apps are updated to ensure a great experience. Of course, experience-breaking updates are very rare, I don’t envision another one like this for the rest of the history of the device. Many backend changes were made in how the system software and services work, and we waited multiple weeks for users to update their OS firmware before we rolled out the app updates that could be mismatched. Our data shows the overwhelming majority of our customers have already updated to the newer firmware so they didn’t experience any issues.

Great, glad we were able to fix it remotely.

So I’ve only just bought the device - had it for a couple of weeks. It’s essentially brand new. It did not occur to me that a brand new device should need a firmware upgrade so soon.
Am I supposed to check for firmware updates every time I turn it on?
If your apps automatically update themselves, shouldn’t they inform me that I need new firmware?

This is how almost every electronic device I can think of works. If you were to buy an iPhone 14 Pro or a Windows computer from a store, there would be OS updates available when you remove it from the box.

No. The system should notify you with a red dot on the Settings app and/or a notification banner when a firmware update is available, but sometimes users dismiss such notifications without reading them.

In the case that an update is expected and actually needed, yes. But instead we just updated the Leia FaceTracking app so that users that are still on older firmware versions wouldn’t experience this issue.

One thing I do when I purchase a new device is that I update it to the newest current version and then I do a factory reset, which it does not downgrade your device to an older or previous build. I learned my lesson with Samsung tablets and doing this process as it helped my devices work without issues. If you have data already on your device, then you will have to backup that information to the cloud or someplace reliable for you to retrieve though… I know it isn’t ideal to do a factory reset each time there is an update which is why I only do one if I experience multiple issues for more then 3-5 days.

I would like to point out that on ALL android devices if you are having problems of any kind try rebooting or powering off for 2 min.