Would love some more Impressions!

Hi everyone! Would love to hear some more first impressions from people. Also now some of you have had it a while what are your thoughts? Are you happy with your purchase? And the 3d itself - how good is it really when it works well? Has anyone tried the 3d chat? Would love to hear more! Thanks everyone!

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I already have the original Lumepad
I purchased the Nubia Pad 3D, looks good, nice to handle and the magnetic case fits well.
The screen has a greater resolution and better sound.
The 3D is good but needs some software update to improvement Xtalk reduction.
Face traking works but needs improvement
The camera work well and takes good pictures.
Nice to be able to fit and sd card.
The software needs updates to correct things and include missing stuff.
The device is good and I am glad I purchased it.
Looking forward to the updates.

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Thanks so much for your impressions! Is the face tracking just an issue in badly lit dark environments or all the time? Thanks!

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Face tracking needs enough light to work.
I have had it working in subdued light.
In the day, indoors it will work just fine.
In the evening indoors, normal room light works with no problem.
Out side in the day, works with out a problem.

I agree with Rburley on everything. I really think it is an amazing tablet. I’ve used it every day for the past month, taken tons of pictures, watched movies, used LeiaTube, LeiaChat and everything else available on the tablet. I am releasing detailed reviews of each 3D app and feature on my YouTube channel here in case you are interested and have not come across it yet. Nubia Pad 3D App Review Part 1: LeiaTube. Infinite 3D content?! - YouTube


I got mine at launch (I actually have two of them since I do development). It’s very nice. The 3D looks great, has Dolby audio, large 12" screen, good resolution, flagship performance, and the Leia apps are a lot of fun. Probably the only thing that is a little disappointing is there is some crosstalk (aka “ghosting”) when viewing content that has contrasting colors (dark movies, etc.). I watched the Ghost in the Shell live action movie in 3D and the ghosting was pretty distracting. However, brighter movies like Mad Max looked really good. This is a common issue with 3D displays (except HMDs which use 2 screens) so it’s not the worst thing. Also, the battery drains down pretty fast when watching 3D movies or playing games in 3D. But otherwise I’m really happy with the purchase.


Hi Josh thanks so much! Yep I watched your reviews when they came out and commented- really great reviews - the best so fat! Thanks so much!

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Is the crosstalk only there on things that were not shot for 3d and converted? I imagine footage shot intentionally for 3d with dual cameras should have less ghosting even in low contrast scenes or am I wrong? Thanks so much for the impressions. I am desperate to order it but I need to wait a bit as I am a professional videographer and have to order new camera equipment this year which takes priority :frowning:

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The crosstalk overall is fine. With photos taken with the tablet 3D camera it looks very good. The conversions are nice too, some artifacts, but not a problem with ghosting. The issue is mainly on dark scenes with contrasting colors and black and white next to each other. It doesn’t matter if it was native. As I said, overall it’s not a major issue, but I thought you should know for an honest opinion.

Ok thanks so much! Would love to see it in reality to get a good idea but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the UK to see it. I am such a fan of 3d so pretty sure I will love it.

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Ive been into 3D for like 20 years. You can read my review here:

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Crosstalk is most visible on things with BOTH high-contrast AND high-disparity, regardless of whether it’s native or converted.

If you want high-disparity content, you should use bright colors with low contrast. If you want to use low contrast and dark colors, turn down the depth.

I just deleted a past by mistake

I have the Nubia Pad 3D/Lumepad 2 and the original Lumepad.

I place the Lumepad 2/Nubia Pad 3D and the original Lumepad next to each other and compair them.

If I view the same pictures from LeiaPix on the Lumepad 2/Nubia Pad 3D and the original Lumepad you can see more Xtalk /ghosting on the Lumepad 2/Nubia Pad 3D than on the original Lumepad.

For example in LeiaPix search for the user Tuan Anh Sym.
Then find the picture, A single coating vertion of a Russian vintage superwide Mir 20mm /3.5

Display the same picture on the Lumepad 2/Nubia Pad 3D and the original Lumepad

The Lumepad 2/Nubia Pad 3D shows Xtalk /ghosting, the original Lumepad does not show the Ghosting /XTalk

With the original Lumepad I can position my self in the optimal position in front of the screen.
With the Lumepad 2/Nubia Pad 3D I cannot do that.

There must be away to correct this problem on the Lumepad 2 /Nubia Pad 3D, by software or giving the user some control over the optional pissition.
So when you compair the Xtalk /ghosting between the Lumepad 2 /Nubia Pad 3D and the original Lumepad you cannot tell the difference

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OK Thanks so much for your reply!

Just got my Leia Like 2 pad yesterday. Great 3D! There is a bit of a learning curve for viewing my photos (my only goal). Nice screen.

Cons: holding it at best viewing angle can be tiresome as it’s a bit heavy with smallish bezels. I didn’t get the case. It desperately needs documentation on the Leia apps.

Very happy I got it and expect to resolve my current frustrations.


Thats great! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the feedback!