Initial Review - Nubia Pad 3D

Received Nubia Pad 3D a day ago and below are my initial observations.

I think i might have over expected, specially after all those Youtube reviews, although 3D effect is great, but not phenomenal.

  1. Battery life when 3D is active is disappointing specially when you use the slideshow as wall frame
  2. I felt that 3D pictures taken with the camera has too many overlaps, even after adjusting with the slider. If you take a picture from another camera and then convert it to 3D, it sometimes looks better
  3. Leiaframe app needs to add so many features like adding Folder, also noticed that some videos are not possible to add
  4. I have noticed that converting 2D to 3D is surprisingly good, except some videos, and it has all these transparent framing on people’s outline on converted videos.
  5. The 2 free demo games just has 1 small level that lasts less than a minute, but the 3D effect is good
  6. Its bit disappointing that the face has to be detected at all times, so only one person can look at a time. If multiple people wants to see, then it becomes a mess for few
  7. Leiaflix is only available in US i guess.
  8. Mozaik3D is a great app for educational purposes
  9. Not sure what Leia Displayconfig does. It just shows a white screen
  10. Highly reflective screen :frowning:
  11. Not sure why the charger comes separately despite the fact that the tablet package is almost empty filled with nothing
  12. Sound clarity is amazing
  13. Camera app has little to no setting to adjust

Thanks for your review.
I’m wondering what are your thoughts on Nubia Pad 3d now, after using it for some time?