Xtalk seen when viewing Nubia Pad 3d 2 pictures

There are some posts from the Nubia Pad 3D 2 on LeiaPix.
There seems to be some Xtalk in the pictures, viewed on the Lumepad 1 and the Nubia pad 3d.
Is this a problem with pictures posted from the Nubia Pad 3D 2 or LeiaPix
Can this problem be resolved please

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I’ve seen them, there seems to be quite a bit of ghosting in them that I noticed.

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I have noticed a massive amount of ghosting on those pics posted from the Nubia Pad 3D 2 !!! The pictures are not at all pleasing to look at. I wonder what is going on there???

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I can’t seem to find the photos, but I doubt there is anything wrong with the photos. Most likely the 3D settings (parallax overlap) are set for different display characteristics. The image itself likely has the full quality stereo pixels, and it’s just the display that looks strange on the older tablet. The meta data may not be correct (either on purpose or mistake). Many people just upload photos without adjusting the 3D properties, and this results in overly bad ghosting.

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Hi if you have a Lumepad 1 go through Newest pictures and you find some

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I don’t have a Lume Pad 1. I’m just trying to speculate what could be the issue.

Ok have a look at users jean durand and David Fattal and look for post with Nubia Pad 3D 2 in description

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Oh, I saw those already. I didn’t notice anything strange. I mean, a few of the shots have high 3D depth, so I can notice the ghosting, but this isn’t anything more than usual on the tablet. There is normally some ghosting on shots with high parallax, so nothing new here I think.

Thanks for looking

I think you guys mean the user tan thai.
This guy uploads a lot of… lets say “unusual” 3D pictures.
They are often inverted or negative or simply 2 totally different pictures for each eye that could almost use an epileptic warning.

I wanted to write a topic myself about the general upload quality of some Leiapix users, but I just didn’t want to be “that” guy.

I mean…some users upload literally EVERYTHING.
They take their whole holiday photo album, run it through an ai 3d conversion tool and upload it to Leiapix without (i think) checking the results if there are bad conversions.
Or pictures that have so much crosstalk or windowviolation it’s not fun anymore.

Maybe i’m just simple but i prefer mostly the pictures taken with the lumepad 2 itself. They always come out great, or sometimes after a little depth adjustment.
If there only was an option in Leiapix or filter that lets u hide certain users.

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You can block users in LeiaPix!