Lume Pad 2 /Leia Pix

I’m looking at this photo in LeiaPix on the Lume Pad 2 - the SMER TRASY sign is totally doubled, as are some trees. (I see one center, and one completely to the right).

I raised issue in comment, and Roger B confirmed it looks great on his Nubia Pad 3D.

So not sure if this is a my Lume Pad 2 problem, or everyone’s Lume Pad 2 problem.

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I was able to capture this with my phone.

Not all photos in LeiaPix are like this. Just some. Not sure if it is related to the 3D Focus issue.

Is anyone able to confirm their Lume Pad 2 is also doubling on this post?

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This photo is showing up on my Nubia Pad 3D tablet perfectly.

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Definitely looks like your Lume Pad 2 issue.
As even on PC (with 3D preview) it does not show any double imagery.

Still new to all this, I thought I could open it on my LumePad2, but haven’t been able to Open it on LeiaPix.

Hi - Search on Pavel D, its 1 of his 4 photos. All of them are double vision for me.

Also search on Tan Thai - his flower is total double vision for me also.

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Just so Brian doesn’t feel it’s just him.
On my Lume Pad 2, Pavel D’s “Smer Trasy” in LeiaPix is double image for me - the disparity between left & right image is too much for my eyes/brain to fuse them into a single stereo-image.

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While all those pics are indeed a bit challenging disparitywise and need some skills to converge they work for me actually.

well…most of pictures from Tan Thai have too much parallax in my opinion even when seen in Hydrogen, and the one you mention about Pavel D takes sometime to my brain to accomodate too… I will check on my Lumepad 2 in the weekend, but I think that they will appear mostly double vision (even some of my pictures with bigger depth appearing fine in H1 and Lumepad 1 show too much disparity in Lumepad 2).


Thanks, I already thought my eye sight ist wrong, Glad at least one person feels the same.


Update - I don’t know if something changed, but I am finding if I stare at these images for 15-20 seconds, they appear to resolve in my head. It feels as if my eyes go cross eyed.

Pavel D account doesn’t appear to exist anymore - but I saw the image I referenced above in another account.

I mentioned to David Statton my viewing issue with his Fujiw3. He said he uploads in MPO format… he converted it to SBS and it looks great. under #sbscomparision hashtag. I can get the original to resolve in my head, but it does take some time.

I’ve been having an issue with LeiaPix lately where I am unable to add a banner image to my profile. I tried multiple times over a period of several days and I just get a message saying I will be notified when the image is ready, but it is never ready. Is this a known issue? Any way to fix it or should I reach out to the help email?

Yes some pictures, my eye take time to be able to see them in 3D not a double image