LeiaPix for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D

LeiaPix is the world’s most popular social network for 3D images. LeiaPix lets you browse, like, comment on, bookmark, and post 3D images. Join a like-minded community of artists and enthusiasts shooting, making and sharing the best 3D images in the world.

The LeiaPix home feed will always give you the freshest dose of the content from people you’re following intermixed with new and hot images posts on the platform.

You can use the explore page to browse hashtags and featured content. You can view your own uploads and bookmarks on your profile page. And you can take part in community events (post with #LumePad2 and #3DAIArt!) and annual contests to win prizes and maybe even be featured on the Discover page!

LeiaPix Version 3.0:
- Initial version for Lume Pad 2
- Browse, interact with, and post the best 3D images
- Support for LIF, SBS, MPO, and JPS images
- All new Dynamic Discover page with new content added all the time
- Share any post and see it animated in the web on 2D devices

We can’t wait to see what you post! And remember: if a picture’s worth a thousand words, LeiaPix are worth a million!

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Note: we’re aware of pretty serious convergence issues for certain files of various file formats with this version of LeiaPix. You can see the issues when previewing images before you post and after they’re posted. The convergence may not be the same, so the image may look good in once section but not the other.

The LeiaPix Team is aware of this and it’s our #1 priority right now. Please be patient while we address this issue. Thank you!

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I have in Leiapix for 2 days 52 files in queue to upload and has not uploaded more than 8, makes retries but does not upload any more.

Clear your app’s cache and try to upload them again. Tap and hold on the app’s icon to see the settings for clearing cache and storage.

I cleared the cache and data. It doesn’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, logged in and logged in again. It doesn’t work.