Any plans to add global 3D settings to the Lume Pad 2?

IMHO Global 3D settings (3D focus, 3D depth, 3D with/without face tracking) would make a lot of sense instead of having them partially implemented in every app like currently.

Let’s take the Nintendo 3Ds as a basis for my explanation:

  1. The physical 3D slider on the right acts as a global 3D setting for “3D depth” (Lume Pad 2 term). Imagine for just a second this physical 3D slider did not exist on the Nintendo 3DS and every game had to implement it in one way or another, that would be very odd. Yet this is what happens currently on the Lume Pad 2: the “3D depth” software slider is implemented in some Leia apps but not always and not consistently.
  2. Enabling/disabling the “Super-Stable 3D” mode in the Nintendo 3DS settings is (AFAIU) basically enabling/disabling the use of face tracking for 3D. When it is disabled, the stereo image is projected right in front of the device and can no longer be seen from the sides. Some users find this mode more comfortable (not just me, see this and this). Currently Lume Pad 2 does not allow at all 3D without face tracking, but I wish it would.
  3. A global “3D Focus” (Leia term) setting would be great. It is currently implemented in some apps only (LeiaDream IIRC). I would love it to be implemented in LeiaPlayer and LeiaViewer. On the Nintendo 3DS it is partially implemented in some games e.g. Super Mario 3D Land offers two modes “3D close to you” and “3D far away” and generally in most games the 3D is always far away behind the screen, very rarely is it popping in front of the screen. Lume Pad 2 took the radical opposite approach: 3D is mostly in front of the screen. Some people like their 3D popping out, some people like their 3D far away to prevent headache and relax eye convergence muscles as much as possible (not just me, see this and this). I really, really wish Lume Pad 2 could be experienced with far away 3D because the popping 3D is ruining it for me due to headaches.

My 2 cts.

If there was such a setting (equivalent to turning on the backlight in the CNSDK) it might simplify 3rd party app code. Seems like by manually turning on stereo 3D mode on the tablet via the proposed settings, an app might not even need to integrate the CNSDK, as long as it was capable of rendering side-by-side in OpenGL. Other autostereoscopic tablets with a fixed lenticular array (e.g. Proma HD “King” and IQHD “Skyy” tablets) are easy to support since stereoscopic viewing mode is always-on

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