The Lume Pad 2 generally puts the 3D image close to you (in front of the screen) causing headaches in some users (not just me) while the Nintendo 3DS generally does the opposite, any reason or workaround?

The issue is general to all apps and the Lume Pad 2 as a whole.

Having the 3D image close to me causes headache and I’m not alone: Missing feature - cross eye protection

I find the Nintendo 3DS very comfortable because 3D images are generally far away, almost always behind the screen, not in front of it. I am rather surprised and disappointed by the opposite choice made for the Lume Pad 2.

Let’s mention Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS, that game shows how 3d should be done. In that game, you can switch at any time between two 3D modes, one further away and one closer away. Thus this preference “closer” vs “farther away” was well understood by Nintendo since the beginning (2011).

In my other favorite 3DS games the 3D is always far away which is super comfortable.

AFAIU In Lume Pad 2 terms, what I am looking for is a “3D focus” very far away from me. No issue with a large “3D depth” though, the largest the better.

Does this design choice have an explanation? Is there some plan to allow more flexibility?

I have the same issue from the very beginning (August23). Demo images and photos from LeiaCam in general were shown in LeiaPlayer with an obvious tendency to be pushed into negative space (meaning in front of the display plane). It might be a decision to do it that way in the render pipeline to emphasize a pop out effect (which is gladly used from the early days of 3d on to impress folks with the sensation of stereo imagery).
This can we nice in some special cases where the content suggest it (a hand poking into the camera). In most “normal” photo situations it rather makes no sense from a stereographic perspective and on my LP2 is leading to a diminished and rather unpleasant visual experience with lots of crosstalk / ghosting / flickering and a reduced perception of depth. The same images looked way better in LeiaFrame at the time in every regard with more natural stereography (less negative space), better overall depth, only very little ghosting - in short: a very great issuefree 3d impression overall. It was my way to go to watch photos from LeiaCam, images/videos on LP2 back then but wasn’t very convenient to use because LeiaFrame is obviously not meant as the everyday content viewer.

Unfortunately after the update LeiaFrame uses the same render method like LeiaPlayer which for me is a big setback since I lost the ability (at least for now) to view those content in a reliable and enjoyable way.

I love the LP2, I saw and know what the hardware is capable of but right now it doesn’t fire on all its cylinders because of these issues.

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