Cannot show 3D object in lume pad when using Leia Remote

Hi, There
I based on the instruction on Youtube (LivePreview with UNITY (LeiaRemote): The Lume Pad as a 3D display second screen. - YouTube) to install UNITY SDK in lume Pad as a second screen.

When I press PLAY button, lume pad can show the same object, for example, a cube as unity in my PC.
But the problem is the cube in lume pad is still 2D not 3D. Are there some parameters I need to set? So I can show 3D object in lume pad when I generate object in my PC. Like this page Leia Remote - Developer Docs

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Hi Liulu,
There’s several possible reasons it would show 2D instead of 3D, so I’ll list a few here you can try:

  1. Did you attach a LeiaCamera component to the camera game object in your Unity scene? This is the component that tells it to render that camera in lightfield mode. Documentation here: Getting Started - Developer Docs

  2. Did you add a LeiaRemote component to an object in your scene? (You probably did this if you followed the video, but make sure it’s there and enabled)

  3. Is the LeiaDisplay component in your scene set to lightfield mode off instead of on? This would cause it to render in 2d.

  4. Also make sure in edit > project settings > editor that:

  • Device is set to Any Android Device
  • Compression is set to PNG
  • Resolution is set to Normal
  1. Make sure the game window resolution is set to the resolution of the device (2560 x 1600 for LumePad)

  2. Make sure your LeiaCamera component’s baseline scaling value is sufficiently large to perceive depth. The smaller this value the less depth you will see, with a zero value giving you 2D.


Thanks so much for these tips. They are very helpful.
It is working now.


Hi, Arthur
Previously, I followed all your instructions to make the lumepad working, to display 3D object.
But today, when I used the lumepad it just stop to show the 3D object. I started to set up a new unity project and following the instructions again to add the camera and set the parameters, it still not show 3D object and the lumepad just show the same as game window when I pressed play. Is there other suggestions?
Thanks so much,

Hi, Arthur
Here is the unity display and the lumepad display when I pressed PLAY.

Arthur Baney via 3D Light field content creation and development forum by Leia <> 于2021年1月12日周二 下午7:36写道:

Hi Liulu,
Does it only do this when using Leia Remote? Or it doesn’t work in the build either?

Is there any difference in the image when you move your head left / right relative to the display? Or does it look the same from all angles?

If there is a difference, it might be your baseline scaling value on the Leia Camera is too high, try turning it down. Or your convergence could be off focus, try setting your convergence distance on the LeiaCamera component such that the blue convergence plane in the scene view is centered on the sphere. Ideally you want your gray leia camera bounds in the scene view to tightly encompass your content and you want the blue focus / convergence plane to be centered on your content so it is in focus on the display.

If there isn’t a difference, it might be LeiaRemote isn’t working or setup properly.

  • Make sure the LeiaRemote component is in your scene
  • Try uninstalling LeiaRemote and Unity Remote on your Lumepad, and then re-install Leia remote, and re-run your app from Unity editor.

Also recommend trying it with the latest version of the sdk from if that’s not what you are using already. (Make sure to delete your old LeiaLoft folder before installing the new sdk)

If none of these work, you could try uploading a zip of your basic project where it doesn’t work and I’ll take a look at it on my end to see if anything is messed up.

Hi, Arthur
Yeah, I think it only does this when using Leia remote. I checked the images in leiaPlayer. It shows 3D images.
It looks the same from all angles, when moving my head left/right, no difference.
I added leiaremote in my scene.
I also tried uninstalling leiaremote and unity remote on my lumepade and re-installed them again.
My downloaded version is v0.6.16, I think it is the latest version.
Please find attached file.
Thanks so much,

Arthur Baney via 3D Light field content creation and development forum by Leia <> 于2021年1月31日周日 下午10:40写道:

Hi Lu,

  1. Make sure your target platform is set to Android in the Unity build settings (that alone might solve it)

  2. If that doesn’t work, try following the steps outlined in this troubleshooting doc and let me know if they solve your problem:

Hi, Arthur
Thanks so much for your help. The file(test_sdk) I send to you works now, I think for this test case, I forgot to change the build settings.
But actually, the project that I am working on still not works. For that project, I already did the building settings. Please see the attached file.

Can you help me to check it?
New Unity

Arthur Baney via 3D Light field content creation and development forum by Leia <> 于2021年2月4日周四 下午11:39写道:

Hi Liulu,
It appears the object_unity scene doesn’t have a LeiaRemote component in it,
try attaching one to your Main Camera game object and it should work (tried it on my end and it worked, let me know if it doesn’t)

Thank you so much, Arthur! I think I should add that, but I will check it again.

Arthur Baney via 3D Light field content creation and development forum by Leia <> 于2021年2月16日周二 下午7:57写道:

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