Unable to see 3D effect in app

Hi, I’m trying to create a simple app on the Lume Pad, but have been unable to make the 3D effect work, both in Leia Remote and in the build. The 3D effect works in LeiaViewer and other apps.

Things I have tried:

  1. Checked the troubleshooting steps listed in this thread this thread. Everything seems to match up, and Baseline Scaling is set to 1.
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled Leia Remote from both the dev machine and the tablet.
  3. Copied the SetDeviceBacklightManually script from the ImmersiveWallpaper example to my scene (and changed the default backlight mode to 3D instead of Immersive). The app still starts 2D and fuzzy, switching to 2D makes it 2D and sharp, and switching back to 3D seems to work because the objects become slightly fuzzy (but not nearly as fuzzy as before), but I don’t observe any 3D effect.
  4. I read in the Developer Docs that the issue could be that the device is not receiving a backlight-on-command, so I added a call to SetBacklightMode() in Update(), but it had no effect.

Anything else I should try? Could the problem be that the front camera does not turn on like in LeiaViewer? I’ve already given the app camera permissions.


Thank you for your question! To clarify your development setup, could you also provide:

  • The Leia Unity SDK version (found in Assets/LeiaLoft/Resources/VERSION.txt)
  • The Lumepad version (found on tablet: Settings/About Tablet?Hardware version)

Also, please confirm you have the recommended settings in the unity editor. (Toolbar/LeiaLoft/Recommended Settings Window)

Thank you,


Thanks for replying.

  1. 0.6.22
  2. LPD-20WHW1.0

The recommended settings window says I’m good to go.

Link to test project (using Unity 2020.3.46f1)

I have just attempted to use Unity 2019.4.36f1, and have encountered the same problem.

To test, I created a new 3D project, imported the SDK, configured the appropriate settings and built the LeiaLogo example.


I downloaded your project and everything seems to be in order. I tested Leia Remote and made a build. Both showed the 3D effect works as expected on my Lumepad tablet.

This is strange. Here are a few things we can test:

Testing your build on my device

  • make a build with the Assets/LeiaLoft/Examples/LeiaLogo/LeiaLogo.unity scene as the only scene
  • upload the apk somewhere sharable (GDrive with link sharing on for example) share the link here.

If this does not work, it may indicate something in your dev environment is not as expected.

Testing my build on your device

  • Try this apk on your device. You will need to delete any existing versions of the app on your device to remove any conflicts on install.

If this does not work, it may indicate something is off with your tablet. This test can also be done by opening any Lumepad application and seeing if the 3D appears to pop out of the sccreen.

Testing your build on my device

Please try this APK.

Testing my build on your device

I was unable to see the 3D popping effect with the provided APK, the image just looks blurry. However, as mentioned before, I was able to see the 3D popping effect when using LeiaViewer.

I see the cause of the issue. I misread your specs as a Lumepad 1 where you need Lumepad 2 SDK. In our email thread, we shared with you v2.1.0. This is the latest Lumepad 2 compatible SDK as of today. Please give that a try.

v2.1.0 works, thanks for your help.

Hi, I too spent hours trying to diagnose the issues above with SDK v0.6.22 and the Lume Pad V2…is the SDK v2.1.0 for Unity publicly available to download?

Hi, I too would like to get the SDK v2.1.0 for Lumepad2.