Leia Unity SDK v0.6.17 released!

The latest Leia Unity SDK v0.6.17 is now available and may be downloaded from https://www.leialoft.com/tools or Leia Dev Dashboard .

What’s new?

Unity Package

  • Streamlined “About” window UX by adding Welcome screen, consolidating release notes and log settings into one location
  • Modified LeiaPostEffectsController to copy Leia effects to a LeiaView, not a GameObject
  • Enhanced LeiaPostEffectsController so when it copies a MonoBehaviour from a root Camera to a LeiaView Camera, it will now set any LeiaView references
  • Fixed frame rate drop when switching to 2D
  • Resolved issue where switching from 2D to 4V/Lightfield caused IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Resolved LeiaPostEffectsController throwing error on Awake/Start if component is added during edit time
  • Various minor fixes since 0.6.16

The latest documentation is available at Unity SDK Guide - Developer Docs

Happy creating in Lightfield!


Hi, I am new here. I have a question about optimizing graphics for Lume Pad. Now, after a few hours with the tablet, I created a new project in Unity 2020.2.1f1. I thought it would be best to use the Universal Render Pipeline - but I came across that postprocessing doesn’t work for me. It seems to turn off in the camera settings (all cameras) after startup.

Is this standard behavior? Or should I use a built-in pipeline?
I know that post-processing issues are mentioned in your documentation, but I don’t know if it’s a URP or build-in pipeline thing.
I would like to use Color Correction and Depth Of Field effects.
Thank you.

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We currently don’t support URP on 2020.2 but are working on it for a future SDK release (ETA Late Spring/Early Summer). Please use built-in pipeline for now.


O.K. I will use build-in, no problem.
URP works very well on tablet (except postprocessing) by the way.

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