Leia Unity v2.2.0 Release with Lume Pad 2 Support!

The latest Leia Unity SDK v2.2.0 is now available and may be downloaded from our website .Our Asset Store page will be updated next week.

Lumepad 2 Support!


Lumepad 1 Support
We are sunsetting the Lumepad 1 SDK, 0.6.22, which can be downloaded here.

Required Services
In order to use this Unity SDK, ensure you Lumepad 2 has the latest Leia DisplayConfig and Leia FaceTracking services installed on your device.

Updating Services

Open The Leia Store, click Library

Update Leia FaceTracking and Leia DisplayConfig

The latest documentation is available at Unity SDK Guide - Developer Docs

Happy creating in Lightfield!

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What is the rationale for discontinuing Lume Pad 1 support?

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for this question. Discontinuing support for the Lumepad 1 was not an easy decision for Leia Inc to make but ultimately was a necessary one.

The major hardware and firmware advances for the Lumepad 2 meant we had to rework much of our company’s code, our SDK included, from the ground up to provide the best possible experience for our developer community and your end users. The Lumepad 2’s head tracking is a new era for 3D experiences and maintaining the same code across both devices is an incredible amount of time and energy.

Discontinuing support for the Lumepad 1 allows us to streamline our resources and focus on the development and improvement of the Lumepad 2 and future devices. This allows us to allocate more resources to enhance its functionality, improve its performance, and deliver better overall value to the community.

While we will continue to have the Lumepad 1 Unity SDK, 0.6.22, available for download it will be the final version of this device’s SDK updates. Moving forward, post in the forum from Leia will be focused on Lumepad 2 and future devices.

Thank you,



I spent a good chunk of today trying to put together a basic prototype with the 2.2.0 SDK. I ended up having a lot of issues. The built in examples have loads of ghosting and eye crossing effects. I did manage to get the autofocus camera working reasonably well, but it shakes and bounces in and out.

What happened to the LeiaRemote? Is there any way to preview your scene from the Unity editor now? This would go a long way in debugging issues with fov, convergence, etc even if the perf is bad.

I’m at a total loss on how to convert a basic camera over. I was trying to convert an existing cockpit camera over and no matter what I do I can’t get the camera position to match where I have placed the camera. The best I can do is about 15m behind my target pivot point. Is there any way to create a camera and have it pivot/move from that position? How do I scale 6dof head/eye tracking movements down to a reasonable scale closer to what it would be if I was looking through the Lumepad like it was a window into my world (fps)?

Hello Aaron,

Thank you for the feedback.


I am glad to hear that you got it working though the journey there seems like it could be simpler. I will you a message to learn more about what could be improved in the workflow and the cause of the bounce effect.

Leia Remote

This is actively in development. We will make an announcement as soon as it is ready.

Converting Cameras

It sounds like there are two approaches you are investigating: camera centric and display centric.

Camera centric: Attaching the Leia Camera component to the camera, setting up interlacing where the camera position is.

Display centric: Displaying the interlaced content based on the display. This is also being worked on and will be announced in a later update. In the meantime, we can send you an alpha version to help unblock your project and provide feedback.

Thank you again for these notes. I will work with you to resolve them on our side and incorporate any possible fixes into the SDK on the next update.

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I’m not sure working is the right term for it. I can see the 3d effect, but the camera bounce is severe enough it is not usable. Do you have a discord community? I’ll be glad to try out the alphas and provide early feedback I do a lot of early asset prototyping (though I’d assumed this sdk was a bit farther along than it seems to be).

How do I get the Lume2 into debug/dev usb mode for Android? I can make an apk and run it on the device but cant seem to connect it in Unity. Thanks

So will you provide a discount coupon for Lumepad 1st generation owners? Not sure other than “AI Face Tracking” is there really any difference in the refraction layers you use on both screens?

The scary thing for me is the fact your 1st generation is still on Android 10 WITH NO security updates for over a year. At over a $1000 for the gen 2, with only a Snapdragon 888, what guarantee is there that you will provide upgrades for at least two years if not three? It isn’t looking good since this tablet is on 12L when 13 is already out and 14 is around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Lumepad, but I but at a closeout prices at $300. This is more than 3 times the price, and $300 more than the Samsung S8+ Tab 12.4" with an AMOLED 120Hz screen, 8G/256GB, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 AND sPen capable.

I got it, for others:

  • USB in MTP mode
  • Lume Pad 2 in Dev mode (tap build number 7 times)
  • dev options, enable USB debugging
  • select the device in Unity build settings

We offered a pre-order discount over email for original Lume Pad owners, many pre-ordered the device and got the discount.

Leia’s displays use Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting, not refraction. Yes, the optical structure of the Lume Pad 2 is completely different and it’s display is more than twice as sharp as the original Lume Pad because of it.

The original Lume Pad came out in 2020 and received updates to software and apps for over two years.

Just like with the original Lume Pad, those who purchase the device will continue seeing the software evolve for years.

Thanks, so essentially when I bought my Lumepad it was already at end of life?

I don’t care about major OS changes but the fact there is no more security updates is a problem.

Also, the fact this a rebranded ZTE tablet, is this not covered under latest ban of ZTE communications devices in the US?

If you bought it at $300 as you mentioned above, you bought it in 2022 and it was on a fire sale / clearance sale as we geared up for Lume Pad 2. Warranty is still honored for a full year after launch, which means the original Lume Pad will be supported through both customer service and warranty support until July 2023 (it sold out completely in July 2022).

That’s not a fact, ZTE licenses the design and software of the Lume Pad 2 from us for the Nubia Pad 3D.

No, because the Lume Pad 2 is designed by Leia. This is why they licensed it to sell internationally and we sell in the United States.

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Is ZTE, a long time manufacturer of tablets & smartphones, not the manufacturer of this device and “partner?” Also if you go out to the “Nubia Pad 3D” ZTE webpage, it is identical except for the rebadging on the back. Even the camera area silkscreen is identical, as well as all of the hardware specifications and screens look identical.

In any case, ARS Technica expressed the same concern which I do as well, especially when there are a number of tablet manufacturers Leia, Inc. could have gone to. In fact I was very surprised to see a 2nd iteration since I was told by a Leia, Inc. a year ago when looking at using your screen tech for a PC project, that Leia, Inc. was not creating hardware anymore and only licensing the technology to OEMs and “the pricing was more than you (I) could afford.” If this is the case (as you so state), ZTE would not have been able sell it in the US, but Leia, Inc coud as the “Lume Pad 2”

I think it is disingenuous to tell me (and this forum) that Leia designed the entire tablet and ZTE only played the role of a FoxConn. Especially since ZTE is marketing elsewhere in the world as their tablet with barely a mention of Leia, Inc other than your lightfield technology. Even early Google Nexus phones were rebadged phones from HTC, LG, Samsung and Huawei (which only made the Nexus 6P)

With ZTE as a partner and the fact they their products are banned in the US, I would be concerned on where you keep the images that are stored in Leia Pix and any cloud services you provide. Sadly, like many, I failed to read in a depth your terms & service. I guess I will have to go back and do so.

They are the ODM for this device, and always have been, but Leia designed the device. ZTE has been a great partner throughout this whole process, but they didn’t decide to license the device from us for international sale until the device was complete and preparing for launch.

This is the truth. ZTE is the ODM for this device, but Leia designed the Lume Pad 2. If ZTE didn’t license the rights to distribute Nubia Pad 3D, Lume Pad 2 would have sold worldwide.

You’ll notice that the LitByLeia logo is on the back of the Nubia Pad 3D, but the ZTE logo is nowhere to be found on the Lume Pad 2.

LeiaPix has servers / CDNs in China that mirror the main database in the US with some slight variation. If you do not wish to have any data in China, do not use LeiaPix. Currently, none of our other applications have CDNs in China, though we reserve the right to change that in the future.

But we’re getting off topic for the Unity SDK release thread. Feel free to make another thread or DM me if you have any more questions.

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Does Leia have any “rules” about sharing APKs? I would love to create demos to share for free from my site without necessarily going onto a store. Thanks

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By default, through our software licensing and Terms of Service, all APKs that use the Leia SDK must be distributed through Leia, usually through the Leia Appstore.

However, we absolutely make exceptions, for example, notice the builds of apps from @jakedowns and @simongellis are available on GitHub in addition to the Leia Forum and Leia Appstore.

When you make something cool, let us know! We’ll have a chat and make sure we’re on the same page.

Honestly, even for free demos, just put them on the store. I made some real time music videos last year and I put them up on itch and steam and got a ton of downloads. No one would have seen them on my blog.

Fair enough, thanks

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