Leia Unreal SDK v3.0.2 released!

The latest Leia Unreal SDK v3.0.2 is now available and may be downloaded from our website Leia Inc. | Developer Resources !

:tada: Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Updated Core Libraries to 0.8.16 aars
  • Fixed Windows rendering issue with DirectX 12
  • Increased stability on Windows
  • Fixed null reference issue with Leia Camera

:warning: Required Services

Android: Updating Services

In order to use this Unreal SDK, ensure you Lumepad 2 has the latest Leia DisplayConfig and Leia FaceTracking services installed on your device.

Open The Leia Store, click Library

Update Leia FaceTracking and Leia DisplayConfig

Windows: Updating SR Service

To check your SR version, please:

  • Opening the hidden icons in your dashboard, double clicking the SR Dashboard
  • Click About


At the time of writing, the latest version is The important number is 1.28

If you have v1.27 or below, please download the latest SR Platform here:



Apologies in advance for the need to create an extra account. We are working on consolidating our services. For now, this will unblock you from ensuing your windows services are working as expected.

:bookmark_tabs: Notes

The latest documentation is available at https://support.leiainc.com/developer-docs/unreal-sdk/unreal-sdk-guide

Happy creating in 3D•AI!

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