Leia Unity SDK v3.2.3 Released!

The latest Leia Unity SDK v3.2.3 is now available and may be downloaded from our website Leia Inc. | Developer Resources with the Asset Store page soon to follow!

:tada: Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Android Live Preview feature with Leia Remote 2. Download and documentation found here
  • Updated Core Libraries to 0.8.8 aars
  • Added label for whether you are in Camera Centric or Display Centric Mode
  • Named Left and Right Eye accordingly
  • Fixed an issue with Comfort Zone Gizmo
  • Fixed an issue where builds sometimes failed due to image metadata
  • Fixed an issue with 3D Toggle on Windows devices

:warning: Required Services
In order to use this Unity SDK, ensure you Lumepad 2 has the latest Leia DisplayConfig and Leia FaceTracking services installed on your device.

:hammer_and_wrench: Updating Services

Open The Leia Store, click Library

Update Leia FaceTracking and Leia DisplayConfig

:warning: Updating from previous SDK versions

Please note, there are many changes in this update. If you are updating from a previous version, we suggest you:

  • Delete the Assets/LeiaLoft folder if it exists
  • Remove any existing Leia components in your project. For example: Leia Camera on your Camera object
  • Import this new package
  • Follow our online documentation on setting up your content with this update

:bookmark_tabs: Notes

The latest documentation is available at https://developer.leiainc.com/unity-sdk/unity-sdk-guide

Happy creating in 3D•AI!


I’m bout to give it a test :technologist:t4::crossed_fingers:t4: @DevStore

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