Leia Unity SDK v3.1.1 Released!

The latest Leia Unity SDK v3.1.1 is now available and may be downloaded from our website Leia Inc. | Developer Resources with the Asset Store page soon to follow!

:tada: Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Support for both Windows and Android LeiaSR devices!
  • Support for both Camera Centric and Display Centric Setup
  • Simplified architecture for easier updates

:warning: Updating from previous SDK versions

Please note, there are many changes in this update. If you are updating from a previous version, we suggest you:

  • Delete the Assets/LeiaLoft folder if it exists
  • Remove any existing Leia components in your project. For example: Leia Camera on your Camera object
  • Import this new package
  • Follow our online documentation on setting up your content with this update

:bookmark_tabs: Notes

The latest documentation is available at https://developer.leiainc.com/unity-sdk/unity-sdk-guide

Happy creating in 3D•AI!

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Why was https://developer.leiainc.com/unity-sdk/unity-sdk-guide/modules removed from the documentation?

Hello Cameron,

Thank you for this question. Since this update is a revamp of our architecture, the modules need to be re-written and tested before we officially release them. We are also renaming it from Modules to Extensions.

Our next update will contain the much used auto focus along with the 3D UI and Model Viewer Sample Scenes. Our next updates will focus on Leia Media, then Multi Camera Compositing.

I hope this helps!