Unity SDK 3.2.6 - LumePad2 - No Objects

Hello everyone,
the build for Android (Lumepad 2) is not working for me. When I deploy the Model Viewer scene with URP I get a blue image without objects. (Unity 2022.3.33f1)
My Lumepad 2 has the latest Leia DisplayConfig and Leia FaceTracking services installed. Recommended Unity Settings are all set.
I have also installed the latest Unity SDK 3.2.6, but when I look under About Leia Unity SDK it says that only 3.2.5 has been installed.
Has something gone wrong here?
Where can I find 3.2.6 or is that not the issue?

Would be great if you could help me!


Sorry for the confusion. The latest SDK that supports Lumepad 2 is version 3.2.5. Could you please download this version from this link and check whether it resolves the issue?