LumePad2 does not work with Universal 3D Core Template

If you create a new project with the URP 3D Core Tempate, the Leia SDK unfortunately does not work for a LumePad2 application. Is this a known problem?
However, a new project with the Built in Render pipeline does.
Interestingly, this still works if you then switch to URP manually.
I have tried to apply exactly the same render settings to the project created with the URP 3D Core Tempate - but unfortunately without success.
In order to output my existing URP projects for the LumePad, it would be important to know which URP settings have to be set.
Or is there a fix for the Leia SDK?
Maybe someone can give me a hint?

Unity 2022.3.33f1 - Lumepad 2 has the latest Leia DisplayConfig and Leia FaceTracking services installed. Recommended Unity Settings are all set.

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Sorry for the confusion. Could you please download the version 3.2.5 from this link and check whether it resolves the issue? Thanks

Ok will try.

That probably answers alot.

I will let you know.