Leia Unity SDK v0.6.20 release!

The latest Leia Unity SDK 0.6.20 is now available and may be downloaded from Lume Pad SDK and Developer Resources | Leia Inc. or Leia Dev Dashboard.


  1. Added public beta Leia Unity SDK support for Unity Universal RenderPipeline, Universal RenderPipeline post-processing.
  2. Added an API for BacklightSwitchController to use RequestLightBalanceBy to request a 2D/3D light balance over time.
  3. Updated auto-focus to have more contextual options (raycasting, focus-on-target-mesh, depth map) and deliver demo scenes featuring auto-focus.


  1. Resolved an issue where shaders or other assets would sometimes not be found by Unity.
  2. Removed many obsolete classes including
    • json classes which are superseded by JsonParamCollection
    • {Android, etc.}LeiaDeviceBehaviours; instead refer to {*}LeiaDevice
    • all ViewSharpening classes; instead ViewSharpening is performed using Graphics.Blit
      -several obsolete LeiaView, LeiaCameraUtil, and LeiaMediaViewer methods


The latest documentation is available at Unity SDK Guide - Developer Docs

Happy creating in Lightfield!