Missing feature - cross eye protection

My first post😀. Huge potential in the tech you prepared guys.

Maybe I couldn’t find it but I’m missing possibility to adjust depth of the video that I’m watching. Tested on 4 random ppl and lots of videos that play without crosseye in vr goggles, on LeiaPlayer is causing headache and eye strain. I found that one can edit it in a photo but not during video.

Is there a global setting that one can adjust the amount of depth?

Is there any other player already that works with 3d?

We don’t adjust stereo 3D videos at all. The expectation is that they’re authored correctly before they’re put onto the device for viewing.

For photos we allow you to edit an SBS and turn it into a LIF .jpg and adjust convergence parameters, but not for video as you’d need to do it separately for each scene.

What if I’m sure they are authored correctly and it’s very uncomfortable to watch it on LeiaPlayer?

If you’re sure it’s fully aligned (vertically and horizontally), and rectified, then there’s a chance that it’s too high-contrast and high-disparity for the Lume Pad 2’s display.

Lume Pad 2 has visible crosstalk when there are high-contrast scenes, usually big black areas next to bright colors, and lots of depth simultaneously.

So when authoring content you should focus on decreasing either the disparity, the contrast, or both.

To compare as a baseline, I recommend comparing the image with other glasses-free 3D displays.

Though we don’t currently support automatic reconvergence for SBS files, we’ll have an option to force on automatic reconvergence in the next LeiaPlayer update using a simple filename tag. With that, it should decrease the disparity automatically to make it look better on the Lume Pad 2 display.

I compared with other glasses free devices and only LeiaPlayer is making viewing uncomfortable. Is there a chance for an access to tablet 3d settings to adjust that?

I’ve been able to change my SBS vids convergence using StereoMovie Maker FF

There are no global 3D settings.

You can however alter the media file, as mentioned above.

If it’s an image, you can edit the convergence manually in LeiaPlayer using the Edit feature, which will turn SBS or MPO files into LIF files after saving.

You can also use a 3rd party tool on PC to change the convergence manually and bake it into an SBS or MPO, or wait until the next update which comes with the option to manually force or disable auto-reconvergence. However, that is either just “off” or “on”, so if you’re not happy with the effect, you will need to edit the file to get your desired result.