SBS images still have depth changed on LeiaPix upload

Solution coming any time soon? I create a SBS image in Stereo Photo Maker, send it to the tablet, view in LeiaPlayer, then share to LeiaPix and it then it randomly changes the depth window of the image.


We will be adding tools that will allow you to specific whether to enable or disable auto-convergence.

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Awesome! That will be great.

Oh so it’s not just me then! I was wondering why some of my images looked worse after upload.

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I am on vacation and took some 3d photos, decided to try on my tablet. I dunno what the deal is, this isn’t rocket science, how are they messing up the depth on stereo images? I mean I can’t even SET the depth back to what it was in StereoPhotomaker in LeiaViewer, it like clamps the overlap amount on the percentage bar. Clean image pairs that look great on slides, or other autostereo devices like the Fuji, can be a ghosted mess with no way to fix in LeiaViewer.

If it’s an SBS, we don’t adjust the image at all. So if the image is poorly aligned, it’ll display poorly aligned.

If it’s an LIF, MPO, JPS, or other 3D filetype, it will have automatic reconvergence applied and you can edit it in LeiaPlayer (not LeiaViewer), turning the newly saved file into an LIF.

If you don’t want the other 3D files to be reconverged, add “_noreconv” to the filename.

Ok. Thanks Nima, what format should I be saving and sending to the device? Maybe that’s my issue, I send it the same SBS images that I send fellow 3d enthusiasts and post to forums.

I personally recommend using an SBS that’s been converged specifically for the Lume Pad’s display using a 3rd party tool like StereoPhoto Maker.

How do I use stereo photo maker to make an sbs just for the lume pad display? All my sbs are saved from stereo photo maker.

You adjust it to something you’re happy with through trial and error. Or you can set it up to do the edits live from your computer on the Lume Pad 2 screen using Moonlight3D.

This is what I am doing and they are not keeping those settings on LumePad2.

What version of LeiaPlayer are you using?

We do not adjust SBS images at all in LeiaPlayer. They’re displayed as you made them. To confirm, use “_noreconv” on an SBS and confirm that nothing changes (ensure you’re on the newest version of LeiaPlayer first).