HELP- Viewing Fuji W3 photos on Lume as SBS

I am super-frustrated. I can not get Fuji W3 pix converted to SBS to show any depth on the Lume. I’ve converted close to 1000 pictures and re-titled a batch of them with _2x1. I have no problem seeing depth when doing this with SBS stereo-cards [old keystone for example] - no luck with my pix. When viewing these on the Fuli camera screen or Commander/FlightdeckFreevi tablet there is depth. Am I doing something wrong in the SBS conversion or what? About ready to send the Lume back.

You have probably MPO Format Pictures? If so The easyest way to geht them to Show Up in Leia Player ist by installing Stereo Photo Maker on YouTube PC and batch-convert them to Side by Side Format and add The 2x1 to The Name, for compatibility I would choose jpg as Format. Them it should read them just fine.

Also be sure to open them in Leia Player.

Hi Johannes

Thank you for your reply. Yes they are mpo fotos and I used SPM to create SBS jpgs. I opened them in Leia Player and there is no depth to any of the pictures. The same mpos give good depth using the FujiW3 viewscreen and t he Commander.Freevi 3D tablets.

Did You add the 2x1? If so then maybe you have set the Viewing mode to 2d. On the lower left you should have the Option to switch between 2d,Stereo and 4V.

Yes I added _2×1 and looked at the fotos in both 4v and 2d. No depth. I tried this with several sbs images from old Keystone stereo cards and the depth was fine. That’s what has me stumped

Sounds like the Distance to the Object was too high, You can only get a proper Depth out of a Picture if the Distance to the Object is within a certain ratio to Your Cameras Disparity. Several Depth Layers also Help. Here is a Site with some useful Information.Lens Separation in Stereo Photography

Hey @rickey456,

Would you mind posting one of the SBS images here? I’ll be able to help you more.

In addition, if you’re not seeing the option for ST (stereo 3D) on LeiaPlayer alongside 4V and 2D when viewing an SBS image, you are using an outdated version of LeiaPlayer and you should update it using the LeiaLoft Store. Let us know how it looks in ST, as that should be no different from how it looks on any other 3D device, except usually more comfortable with less crosstalk.

If you’re not satisfied with the depth in 4V, you could try to edit it in LeiaPlayer and increase the depth or change the focus. It will save as a Leia Image Format file which is more flexible on Leia devices, but won’t be viewable in 3D on other devices unless you use a 3rd party tool to convert back to SBS. That said, if your SBS images work fine on other devices, there’s probably no need to back-convert the LIF images to SBS.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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This isn’t just one picture but a sampling of 20 out of 1000. There is deoth when I view them on the camera viewscreen or on a Commander 3D tablet. Could I send you ine raw mpo and The converted sbs to look at?

Hi Nima not sure how to post pictures here. Can you send me an e-mail address?

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Messaged you!

I also use Fuji W3, (also posted some pictures on Leiapix from W3) and pictures are great. As @Nima said, if you look them in ST mode there should be no problem. However generally you will use 4V, that by default reduces the depth to make picture more comfortable to see; but if one prefers to have stronger depth even in 4V (which at the moment is the only format available in Leiapix) one has to restore the depth in the Leiaplayer (you will note that the regulation bar is close to the minimum by default).

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I messaged You via Email,
one of the Pictures You sent me was misaligned,
the other two had the photographed Object too far in the Background for the used Camera-Separation,
and almost no Depth-Layering, (in one Picture You had the Hand partially covering the Lens)
therefore the 3D Effect is very small.

3D Photography is a little tricky at times, and not every Photo that would have been great with a Point and Shoot 2D Camera turns out great in 3D.

You should look for Depth Layers when shooting 3d Pictures and forget what You learned about Composition when shooting 2d. The Thirds-Rule does help to make a Picture look good, but more important is the Depth-Layering in a 3d-Picture, or You won’t get that View-around or POP-out-Effect.

Hey Richard
Look me up on leía pix. The majority of my pics are Fujifilm w3d pics. Look up Adam Lopez

The .mpo pics look amazing.

The 3d depth is best viewed on Stereo mode. However, the 4v removes ghosting, makes it more comfortable and ATO generates additional 2 images enabling a look around effect. Subtle but really cool :slight_smile:

Adam Lopez

Hey everyone, just to follow up, it seems like there was an issue when doing the MPO to SBS conversion, I was unable to see any disparity/depth on the images that were sent to me when trying the SBS images on other 3D devices. Obviously our machine learning system can’t estimate Lightfield depth if there’s no depth to begin with!

That said I’m now helping Rickey try to get to the bottom of his issues. Always feel free to ask if you need a bit of support with something!


Hey Nima - THANK YOU for your help and patience. I felt there had to be something wrong with the SBS because I was getting 0 depth. I have re-converted a handful of Fuji pix - one at a time - and they are fine. I really need the tablet to recognize mpos - I have several thousands of fotos and converting and relabeling is tiring.
I am still having a problem getting the LeiaPlayer icon back on the home screen. Nothing seems to work.

Your wish is my command. MPO support is coming in the next LeiaPlayer update.

Go to your Home Screen and swipe up to get to your app drawer. Tap and hold the LeiaPlayer icon in your app drawer. After you tap and hold and the “info” button pops up, slide the icon up the screen and the app drawer should disappear to make way for your Home Screen. The LeiaPlayer icon your holding should appear above your Home Screen. Let go of the hold above the Home Screen and it should appear there for you permanently.



swiping up doesn’t give me the app drawer. Been trying to find it for several days. Swiping up doesn’t do anythng.

Hey Richard,

At this point you should work with the Leia customer care team to see what’s going on with your situation. You may want to take a video of what you’re doing too in case you’re doing something different than what I’m expecting from those instructions.