Using Lume Pad 2 for viewing QooCam 3D EGO photo and video

hi there! Just blown away by the LeiaPlayer… big compliments to the team. Now I wanted to use pictures and movies shot with my QooCam 3D EGO and the funny things is that most are shown as SBS pictures and only a few are interpreted well by the LeiaPlayer (as a nice stereoscopic image). I do have a few questions for you all:

  • anyone experiencing the same and did find a work around to have all material in 3D?
  • does the LeiaPlayer actually maintain the 3D info in the SBS (side by side) -or-
    does it simply take the left or right eye image and next the AI-thing??
  • can somebody tell of a straight forward workflow, having stereoscopic photo and video (either from the camera or other 3D camera) and then augmented with titles or logo’s/artwork?? Is there software out there that supports the right file formats (I think Leica LIF)…
    Thnx in advance and keep up the good work!

Images from the EGO camera are in SBS full width. Sometimes it auto-detects it (or you can manually tag it) but I found this to be a hit or miss. However, you can rename the files by adding “_2x1” to the end. Like “SummerPhoto_2x1.jpg”. This will tell the player to open it as 3D. What I do is batch rename the files on my computer with the command line. It’s easy on Linux, but you might need to download an app to do it on Windows.

Hi Andres, this helps! Thnx! Any suggestions to add titles and text with the right “depth”… Thnx again!

I would avoid putting text on the photos cause it doesn’t look good in 3D.