Sample 3D Photos from Lume Pad 2 Camera

Can someone please direct me to where I can find some sample 3D photos created by the LumePad 2 (in SBS)?

I am considering purchasing either a Qoocam Ego or the LumePad 2 and I would like to get an idea of which one takes better 3D photos.


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I’ll try to convert some to side by side. Although I haven’t tried yet.

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For photos I’d recommend the Lume Pad 2. For photos & videos the Qoocam. The videos of Qoocam EGO are the best you can get for any other 3D device less than $1000, thanks to the 60fps and good definition

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Thank you for the sample photo and advice! This was really helpful.

Perhaps I’ll go for the Ego for now and then start saving for the next Lume Pad (Nubia Pad 3D 2) that was recently announced at MWC.

I have this photo taken on the Lume Pad 2:

I have the EGO as well. The EGO has a much wider inter-ocular distance, so the 3D depth is much better. But almost too much, as you’ll have to process the photos in post to align them correctly. The overall colors and resolution are also worse than the Leia. But it can take decent photos in good lighting conditions. That said, the Lume Pad 2 photos are going to look at least like 5 times better, without any post-processing (though the depth is less).

Thanks! This additional information and photo really helps. I see what you mean about the better colors, etc. but less depth.

I was going to buy the Ego but I could not do it.

I keep on hoping for a high quality modern 3D camera with a good balanced stereo base and autostereoscopic display (like the W3 but modern).

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