What 3D Camera recommendation

Hey community,

What 3D camera do you all recommend that works well with the Leia LumePad2?

I own the original Qoocam 360/3D Camera. The 3D always needs to be realigned when using it on the tablet.

Is their new camera any good? Qoocam EGO.

Any other brands/models you guys recommend?

Question on the side:
Does Leia ever consider creating a handy 3D portable camera as an companion product for the tablet?
So it can be taken anywhere and the tablet can be used to view and edit later?
If not, can the staff send this as a suggestion anywhere? I would love the Leia ecosystem to grow and a dedicated Camera hardware would be a great step, in my opinon.

The pictures I take with my RED Hydrogen One seem to be mostly wonderful without any editing in Lume Pad 2 (you can see them in my Leiapix profile), in spite of the now old cameras.
I personally hope that, now that Leia teamed with ZTE/Nubia, who is also testing mobile phones with high quality 1-inch sensors (I have read the news here nubia's first 1-inch 35mm camera-equipped phone pictured - GSMArena.com news) , they will be able to develop a good Leia phone inheriting RED H1.


You have RED Hydrogen?! Nice :+1: - I have been scouting eBay for a good condition one since my HTC Evo died.

I would jump on the first chance if Leia creates a Android 3D Camera Phone.
@Nima you reading this? lol

Marco, still getting use to Leia Ecosystem, how do I access your profile to see your uploaded photos?

Let me try. This should link to my latest https://leiapix.page.link/W2dQ Are just sunflowers. There you can click on the authors (me, Marco) and see the others. I have tried on my RED H1 but Leiapix links to the wrong image, while on PC is the correct one (so I guess just a backward compatibility issue for the version of Leiapix I have on my H1; not tried yet on lumepad). I have more than one RED H1 that I really like.

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This is unfortunately an issue with effectively all 3D cameras. We do alignment for our cameras in the factory, so the firmware tells LeiaCam how to save the image so it’s pre-aligned when saved. But not all 3D cameras have the computational bandwidth or foresight of design to do that.

The two I’d recommend are the FujiFilm FinePix W3 for photos at mid-range to far-range (2.5M or more), and the Qoocam EGO for videos from a distance (5M or more). For anything shorter than that, Lume Pad 2 really is the best choice for a simple experience.

Otherwise, you’ll have to build a custom 3D rig.

I have a Qoocam Ego and it’s photos and videos show really well on my Lume Pad 2 - for objects further than about 50 centimetres. I have installed the Qoocam App on the Lume Pad whichv makes pulling in photos and videos pretty easy, though still a 2-step process to view them in Leia Player.
Another 3D camera that produces excellent 3D viewability on the Lume Pad 2 is a cheap and cheerful 3D USB camera (between £50 and £80) that connects to the USB port of any Android phone (including the Lume Pad…). Coupled with the “USB Camera” App on the phone and the IP Cam Viewer App running on the Lume Pad, I can take full quality 3D snapshots via the WiFi from the phone-attached USB stereo camera directly on the Lume Pad which produces SBS JPG files that can then be viewed in Leia Player.
That leaves JUST ONE wishlist for ME: The USB Camera App produces a RTSP stream (stereoscopic) but the Leia Tube App can ONLY read HLS or MPEG-DASH streams. SO CLOSE to having a stereoscopic local network livestreaming capability!

@janc , can you tell us what USB 3D camera you are using? Thanks.

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Synchronized Dual Lens Stereo USB Camera 1.3MP HD 960P Webcam 3D VR Web Camera Module with 1/3 CMOS OV9715 Image Sensor Camera Module Mini Industrial USB2.0 Web cam Plug&Play for Android,Linux,Windows https://amzn.eu/d/8T3T4dY

It needs an OTG cable or adapter, so you can either mount it on the end of a cellphone via an OTG adapter or have it on the end of a cable connected to it.


Hmm. Perhaps that can be arranged hehe.

Hi. I have a Red Hydrogen One also (2 of them actually, a Titanium and an Aluminum one), and I’ve used that as a camera. I posted using the RED Hydrogen but got the following response from Nima (the reference to resolution was because I was asking if the RED Hydrogen’s resolution would be an issue):

The resolution isn’t an issue. The resolution is fine, but the issue is that the baseline (the distance between the two camera sensors) on the RED Hydrogen One is very low. You won’t experience a lot of depth when viewing content from it on Lume Pad 2, unless you’re doing close-ups or macro video.

If you don’t want to use the Lume Pad 2 as a camera, one camera I can recommend is the Kandao Qoocam EGO. It works great with Lume Pad 2! Just make sure you’re shooting in an area that’s well lit without a lot of shadows or high contrast.

Good tip.
Just got the EGO and gonna try it out over the weekend.

I might use my 2x GoPro 9s to see if I can set up a mount for stereo photos/videos.
I suck at editing though, so that might be troublesome on the post-production.